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A Trip to the Mall

It had been a while since the last time Illy and I had gone on a date. Sure, we'd done things together as a family, but it wasn't concentrated time with just us. We checked out the calendar, selected a date, and put our names in the box. This was our date and Nothing was going to change that... hopefully. Well, the day finally arrived and, although I was already tired from a full day out with all three munckins; I knew there was no way to cancel. Illy had been looking forward to this for so long! You see, we're the only girls in the house and I think this causes her to crave even more time with me. She enjoys sports and hanging out with the guys, but there's nothing like looking fancy and going out with just mommy. I asked her where she'd like to go and she finally decided on a trip to the mall for ice cream.

Ice cream. So simple... but not at an ice cream parlor- at the mall. ;) Her first suggestion was to go see another musical. The last one we saw was The Little Mermaid at Drury Lane Theatre. It was such a cute show and even I enjoyed myself, but something like that takes little more planning. I'll have to keep an eye out for our next date..

A Trip to the Mall

The requirements for our time out were- fancy dresses (she asked me did I have one lol), nice shoes, perfume, and lip gloss. We also brought along purses and touched up our hair a bit before leaving. It didn't matter that the location had finally been picked after a long deliberation and that mall would probably be closing soon- we WERE going to the mall for ice cream!

A Trip to the Mall

It's so funny how one minute she seems like a little girl, wanting to be held and cuddle, and the next minute she's acting like my girlfriend and giving my fashion tips and compliments. It's really adorable but it causes me to take a double-look sometimes. This is my baby, but every year she gets (and acts) a little older. I better cherish every moment.

We ran to the car, trying to avoid some of the rain with our dresses and dress shoes, and made our way to the mall. It was closing in about 15 minutes, so we did a little more running. Locating the nearest ice cream shop, we began to slow down a bit. This momma was going to find some ice cream, okay?! It didn't matter if they gave us a scoop and kicked us out of the mall- ice cream from the mall was what she wanted, so that's what I was going to try my best to give her! (Looking back, I know that we absolutely have to plan better! Lol! At least we we made it happen, though. ;) )

A Trip to the Mall

Satisfied with our snickers (for mommy) and cotton candy (for Illy) ice cream, we strolled through a couple stores that hadn't closed yet. It was pretty quiet. Like we had the whole mall all to ourselves and, although we decided to come back again during earlier business hours, it was quite nice. To walk, eat ice cream, and be together.

For our final stop, we visited Claire's for a new pair of earrings. I don't know if you've notice already or not, but I have a daughter who likes to look and smell nice almost all the time. It's nothing for her to put on one of her fancy dresses and hang out around the house all day. She keeps me on my toes because I can sometimes forget how great it feels to dress up- without a reason. Just for myself. I really appreciated this little reminder. Looking fancy to go to the mall? Yep. Just because.

A Trip to the Mall

The workers in Claire's were very nice, but I could tell that they were counting the minutes until everyone left the store and they could close for the night. I moved my little fashionista along and encouraged her to make her final decision- there were many selections. lol Finally, we left the mall enjoying our ice cream and jewelry purchases. The rain had stopped and night was fully upon us, but we didn't mind at all- walking hand in hand and giggling about our short but awesome date night!

Like what you've read? There's more! ;)

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Comment by Jazelle on July 16, 2015 at 10:36pm

@ Ros Emely- It was a very fun day!

@ Ashely Owen- These individual dates helps me to keep in touch with each of my little ones. They are still relatively young, but they are forever growing and changing! 

Comment by Ashley Owen on July 14, 2015 at 4:22pm

Precious! I love my little dates with my sons. Such sweet moments.

Comment by Ros Emely on July 14, 2015 at 2:28pm

What a fun day at the mall!

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