Saying Thanks.

When someone does something for you so amazing, how do you say thank you? How can you possibly use two words that have become so over used in today's society, when it means so much more than just a simple thank you.

I am very grateful for the friendships that I have in life. Only because I don't honestly have that many. I have people who I talk to and would go have supper with now and then, but true friendships, I can literally count on the fingers on my hands. I treasure those close friendships. Those friendships are the ones that if I needed a shoulder, I can call and cry, if they need something they know to always call, but its the times where neither of one of you have anything to really talk about, but you end up spending hours on the phone gabbing about everything.

A friend has done so much for me and my family, but I never know how to thank without sounding cheesy and fake. The words Thank You have become something that has been almost thrown out the window. We use it without really meaning it. We say thanks or thank you every where we go, but how many people really say the words and mean them rather than just saying the words because you think you have to. Whenever I say thanks or thank you, I say them from the heart, whether you are holding the door for me or giving me my drive thru food or if you helped me with a problem at work.

But for someone who has done something over the top, the words just can't come together. The gratefulness that I feel is overwhelming. This person has become so special in our lives, that I consider their family, my family. They are wonderful people who deserve NOTHING but the best given to them. She is my sister at heart but a mother figure as well. More of a mother than mine ever has been. For that alone, I owe her the world. Stepping into a space, filling the void and allowing me to become the person I knew I was, but was to deep in codependency to realize it, for all of that I owe her the moon. And for being the one person that I can trust with any thing and know that I won't be judged or shamed, I owe her the stars.

So for everything from the first phone call to the secret santa to the laugh fests on the phone to the advice about everything, I say THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart, from the very depths of my soul, I say thank you. Not just to you, but to your hubby and to the two most precious children ever created. And not just from me, but my hubby and my two wonderful children. You are the most wonderful friend I have ever had.

And know that I am not doing this just because of recent events, but the words needed to be said a long time ago. But they come truly from the heart.

I put this out on my blog, not to bring attention our friendship and all that I treasure, but to make people realize that sometimes they have the best things and they don't even realize it. It also goes to show that all stereotypical things that people place on friendships are crap. You are a Christian woman, I am not. You are older, I am younger. And yet none of these stop us from having the best friendship ever. So to those who think that you have to have friends your own age or even from the same town, I say to you, you could be missing out on the best friendship you will ever have in life by keeping your mind shut to any other option.

So I close with this thought,
Physical poesseions may mean things to people, may make them feel good or rich or powerful, but when you have nobody to share those nice things with, they are pretty much useless in life. Having a friend is amazing, someone to laugh with, play scrabble with or just to talk for hours with. Having someone in your life that cares about you truly as a person is something that everyone needs.

This blog post is dedicated to the most awesome mom, sister, wife and friend EVER!
T- LOVE YA!!!!

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