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After The Blood And Tears: Back to the Crib

I'm not exactly admitting defeat on the whole crib-to-bed transition thing. It really is for my child's safety. Ok, and maybe a little for my sleep and my morning work outs.


Buddha started off so well, but once he figured out he could actually get out of his bed (only 4 days later) I couldn't get him to stay in. So, that led to me having to stay in his room with him until he fell asleep. While he used to self-soothe and fall asleep so quickly in his crib, I think he was excited someone else was in the room with him and would take forever and I do mean forever to fall asleep with me there. He used to be put to bed first, then Monkey, then Mommy could get a few stolen moments of TV, a magazine or blogging. No mas. I am now putting Monkey to bed first, and Buddha next. He at least sleeps through the night, but the morning wake-ups are a wild card...sometimes 6 am, sometimes 7 am, or 7:30. Once in a while it  is earlier. Gone are the days when I could just go get him out of his crib when I was back from my morning run, as he would happily play in there until I picked him up.


I am bringing the good times back, yo.


Two nights ago, my beloved youngest, who I refer to affectionately as Buddha or "The Bude", woke up around 12:45, in his bed. It may have been a nightmare of some sort that woke him, I'm not sure. But I heard him cry out a bit and went to check on him. Back in the crib days, I would have left him and kept an ear out for him in the event it went on for a while but now that he's in the bed I don't want him wandering around outside his room and waking up Monkey. So I lie down with him, rub his back, attempt to soothe him and he still seems mellow and half asleep. But over time, the excitement of having Mom there must have gotten to him and he seemed to wake up more and wanted to play. Then he wanted milk. So I got the milk, and resorted to putting Pinnochio on for him. He started to get really hyper for some unknown reason and started running circles around his room.


"Buddha, lay down. Bed time."


He'd humor me for a second, then the running would start up again. I was just thinking how I was tired, but still had time to get enough sleep before getting up for work. I was also thinking all this was worth it:


"Good night, Buddha, I love you," when I had him down for a brief moment.


"Good night, Mommy. I love you too."


My heart had just started to melt when he was off and running again. I asked him to please get back in bed a couple more times, which he did not, and then it happened.




Oh God, I could not believe it, he tripped on his nightstand and went face-first into the side of his bed. Not the mattress, but the furniture part. Wood, with an edge. Ugh. Immediately he started to cry very loudly and I picked him up, and I could see in the darkness,  lit only by night-light, blood. BLOOD.


I scooped him up in my arms, ran down the hall and woke up my husband, shouting.


"Buddha has a bloody nose."


Turns out, once the lights are on, his nose is not bleeding but his lip was split open. My husband held a wash cloth onto it, I did a quick change out of my pj's, brushed my teeth, put a coat on The Bude and took him to the ER. I was remarkably calm, I think because he stopped crying fairly quickly. I popped a DVD in for the drive, and we were good. To make a long story less long, there was no wait at the ER, they gave him 3 stitches which he took like a champ and we headed back home where he crawled into my bed with us and we slept for a long, long time.


Buddha recuperating on his bed, watching a movie with his Pillow Pet


That night, it was back to the crib. And he will continue to sleep in his crib for a while. I just don't think any of us are ready for him to be in a bed. Not that him sleeping in a bed caused his injury per se, its just that he's not mature enough to be expected to stay in his bed at 28 months. If he did on his own, great, but he doesn't want to and I think he is not mature/old enough to understand. And really, I don't have the patience yet to deal with this. If he was older and could comprehend it, I would try to work with him. But if he happily goes to his crib and stays there, where is the harm in that? He has never tried to climb out of his crib. He still fits just fine. It really is his "happy place." Maybe we will give it a go in another 5-6 months. And I am not judging myself, or feeling like a failure. I just feel terrible that my little guy hurt his face really badly and just want to go back to a place of calm for a while. And for the second night of putting him down at bed time and walking out, it's all good.

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Comment by Reanaclaire on February 28, 2011 at 9:13pm
oh his name is Buddha? how cute and unique! thanks for adding me, Lanae...

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