Safety Tips to Prevent Your Dream Pool from Becoming a Nightmare

Whether it’s a cosy hot tub, a full-sized pool or something in between, having a private place to take a dip at home is one of life’s greatest luxuries. There is little that compares to shrugging off the day’s troubles with a few relaxing laps or a good book and the gentle massage of…

Why Every Family Needs Business-Level Internet Security

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Every day it becomes easier and easier to hack websites, blogs, home networks, and phones. Nothing seems to be immune from malicious digital attacks, but you can make it harder for them to get in. 

We've been testing the…



A frenuloplasty of prepuce of the penis (known as a release of frenulum) is a frenuloplasty of the frenulum of prepuce of the penis. An unusually short or sensitive frenulum of the penis can make some sexual activity uncomfortable or even painful. The problem lies in the foreskin. The foreskin is a sleeve of loose skin which covers the bulb end of the penis. One end of the sleeve develops from the base of the glans. The other end lies freely over the glans to preserve it. At times, the foreskin is very tightly fixed to the under surface of the penis; this can cause discomfort on intercourse. 

Frenuloplasty Surgery

You will have a natural anesthetic and will be asleep for the whole operation. The tight band is lengthened with a small surgery. The frenuloplasty surgery can be performed as a day case, meaning that you come to the hospital on the day of operation and return home the same day, or a non-day case, where you will have to spend two nights or so in the hospital.  

Alternatives, If Any

If you do not do things as they are, the problems may soon get worse. Stretching the band does not work. A formal circumcision to separate the whole of the foreskin is not required.  

Before The Surgery

Stop smoking and reduce your weight down if you are overweight. If you know that you have issues with your blood pressure, your heart, or your lungs, ask your family physician to verify that these are under control. Confirm that you have a relative or friend who can accompany you to the hospital, take you back home, and look after you for the initial week after the surgery. Bring all your medications with you to the hospital. On the ward, you may be verified for past illnesses and may have specific analysis, ready for the surgery. Several hospitals now run special preadmission clinics, where you visit for an hour or two, a few weeks or so before the surgery for these checks. 

After The Surgery

There is some discomfort rather than critical pain. A tablet or an injection will be given to you to manage this as needed. Ask for more if the pain is still annoying. By the end of one week, the injury should be virtually pain-free. You will be able to get out of bed after an hour or two in spite of the discomfort. A general anesthetic will be given you slow, clumsy and forgetful for about 24 hours. Do not make any important decisions, drive a car, use machines, or boil a kettle at that time. 
You should be healthy enough to go home following an hour or two on the ward. The wound has a wet dressing which can be separated after 12 hours or so. You may be wearing net elastic trousers to hold the dressing in place. There are stitches in the wound which alleviate and drop out following 7 days or so. There may be few purple bruising around the wound which reaches downwards by gravity and fades to a yellow color after 2 or 3 days. It does not matter. 

Recovery At Home

You are much likely to feel a little sore for a week or so. By the time 2 weeks have passed, you should be able to resume to your everyday activity. You can ride as soon as you can make an emergency stop without any discomfort i.e. after about 3 days. You can begin sexual encounters within 2 to 3 weeks when the wound is comfortable enough. You should be able to return to a light job following a week or so and a heavy job within 2 weeks.

Possible Risks and Complications

Risks and complications in frenuloplasty are rare and seldom severe. If you think that all is not well, please consult your doctor immediately. You may get painful erections in the beginning for up to 2 or 3 days. These can be managed with painkillers. Infections are rare issues and settle down with antibiotics in a week or two. Aches and twinges may be felt for up to 2 months.

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