All I wanted was a shower. Is that too much to ask?

The shower used to be a place I had a few minutes to escape, relax or cry if I needed to.
And it always was - until yesterday.
I needed a shower really bad. I'm not counting, but it may have been a week since I last washed my hair. My scalp was starting to itch. Sorr, if you are looking for the romantic side of motherhood, please check another blog.
I completed the nighttime routine and I was in the clear for a shower. A few moments of bliss.
The Baba and Dedo were over to "help" with the kids so I thought it was the perfect time to get clean and maybe even use a fancy shower gel!
It only took a minute before Hannah was in the bathroom turning the lights off on me.
That's OK I can still enjoy a shower sans lights. It makes me feel better about the extra rolls I now have around my middle. It's all about lighting ladies!
Within seconds she was pulling the shower curtain open and trying to get in the shower with me. That's OK, too. Except she had already had a bath and was in her pajamas.
Not before long The Baba was in the bathroom looking for Hannah.
Hello, I'm naked.
She got Hannah to leave the bathroom and play with a few toys.
Ah, peace at last.
Not quite.
It only took a seconds for Hannah to open the door and smash her big toe with the door causing it to bleed all over the floor.
Who would have thought a three year old's toe could bleed so much?
She screamed. I jumped out of the shower. And The Baba almost fainted.
I'm now out of the shower tending to my screaming kid and her bleeding big toe.
I've got a head full of shampoo and it's getting in my eyes as I try to calm her down.
Now, The Baba and The Dedo are in the bathroom and I'm naked.
I'm naked!
I tried to explain to the grandparents it's OK, please go downstairs.
The Dedo says, "It's OK, we're old we can't see. Now, let me look at Hannah's toe."
All I wanted was a shower. Is that too much to ask?

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