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All Is Calm, All Is Well-Remembered Traditions

Today was a day without a storm. Yes, no storms personally nor outside.
What type of personal memories do you have from Christmas Past?
Bulkie rolls, white fish, pickled herring, seeded rye babka, kielbasa... Do these foods seem unique to you? We are Polish and we can only find some of these items on Water Street in Worcester Massachusets.
In fact today, when my husband, four of my five children and myself walked into Widolff's Bakery (a bakery I have gone into since I was two or three years old with my grandmother-Babi), I asked for babka (a wonderful sweet bread that can have cheese and cherries, strawberries, or blueberries) and they sad they did not have it. I then asked for my seeded rye bread and they said they didn't have it. Then we went over to Tom's Deli (where you buy your kielbasa, farmer's cheese and white fish). NO WHITE FISH, even the look on my children's faces. Luke said I am 22 years old and have never gone a year without white fish. For some reason the fisherme are throwing the fish back out into the waters and they are not able to get it. Ugh! I saw a fish that looked somewhat like white fish in their case and asked what it was and could I try it. It was smoked mackarel. It was delicious and tasted similar so we took three large fish home with us. And oh yes, I forgot to buy the farmer's cheese. My husband and one of my sons went over to the polish candy and picked up chocolate covered cherries with whisky and fancy Polish writing on the boxes. We took all of our grocery bags and headed over to my mom's and we had a wonderful dinner out at Bugaboo Creek.
I took photos today of the family standing in the bakery, buying the whiskey chocolates, hugging my mom...these will be memories to talk about someday, yes, even Tom's not having white fish.
My husband is polish and lived in the DC area of the country and there were not alot of polack's in his area and he never had a bulkie. He loves going to Water Street now and picking up unusual foods from the various stores. He even missed th busy activity of the bakery today because we went one day early prior to the mad food shopping rush. At Widoff's bakery, you usually have to pick a number and stand in line leading out of doors for an hour to put in your order. Last year, myself included with many people my age were discussing their memories of Widoff's bakery when they were children and how their grandmother would take them in there and how long the lines were, and how long it would take to get the bakery goods. I also remember when they would give a little butter cookie to me because I was a child and they used to give a baker's dozen of bulkies but now you only get twelve rolls.
Well, at least my children and I will always remember this tradition. Perhaps next year we will have to make brand new ones.
Can you write to me and tell me an important tradition you have in your family?

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