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I was
recently talking with a friend who had just found out that she was expecting a
girl.  On Facebook she wrote the name her and her husband had picked
out.  On her status she wrote "Hana = Grace".  My name is Ana,
and it means the same thing.  I commented about how I was actually glad
that I was named that.  I am thankful to my mother who chose this name for
me, although I doubt she knew what it meant.  But God knew.

And I can
really say that my name really describes me.  Because who would I be and
what would I be if not for His grace?  I ask myself sometimes if I would
even be alive, and would my life be a constant cycle of
hopelessness and guilt.

I was
not born into a Christian home and my parents did not raised to know
God, I did not have the opportunity at a young age to know God.  I
was a sinner until I was 22 years old.  And then God came across
my path where I lay in the mud and blood, He brought me to Himself
and washed off the blood and mud and told me to live.  This is a
picture of my life.  This is God's grace that marks Him.

I cried
after the conversation with this friend because I remembered that my life is
grace.  Without God's grace I probably wouldn't be living
today.  Croatia is a country that has less than 1% of newborn
Christians.  And God decided to show me this grace so that I
could actually be among those few thousand who are saved. 
So, how could someone not feel thankful when considering this?  How
could one not be thankful day after day that we are alive and that
God has said to us, "Live!"  Who am I that He has
chosen me?!

A few years
ago I celebrated Thanksgiving with my American friends.  One
thing we did during our celebration was to take a piece of paper and write down
one thing we were thankful to God for during that year.  Most wrote
that they were thankful for their families, husbands, wives, children and
so on.  I am still single, so this was something I was not able to
identify with, in addition to that, it had been a very hard year
for me.  I had never felt lonely before, but I had lost
some friends and had been very hurt.  My heart was completely
crushed.  But I knew that I could be thankful to God for being
faithful.  I was thankful that I had Him, and that I could call Him
my God, that in all that had happened that I wasn't alone and that
He would lead me through all that I was facing.  It is true
that you cannot say that God is everything in the world to you until
you've lost it all.  At that point it seemed I didn't have
very much, but I had God's grace that held me, led me, and everyday gave
me the strength to get up in the morning and go on.

everything is going for us we forget to thank God for His
grace.  We consider it as something that belongs to us
and take it for granted.  But it isn't, and we don't deserve it. 
I have not deserved anything that my Lord would come along my
path and pull me out of the mud and clean me off, but He
did it anyway.  He came to me and had mercy on me.  He showed me
His grace and that is why I am glad that my name is Ana - grace.

Thank you for sharing...

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