Baby Showers: The Next Big Thing

Like so many modern celebrations, Baby Showers have arrived in the UK from North America. It’s a real tradition over there and, like High School Proms, Halloween and Black Friday, one of those exciting social events that is catching on big time over here.

The idea is simple but universally appealing. Throw a party for the pregnant mother and her…

Monetizing Your Mom Blog is Easier Than Ever With

As a new generation of influencers crop up on the net and veteran bloggers continue to idealize the way for interacting with brands and getting paid, companies the world over are vying for the attention of both. Some are wooing bloggers with the prospect of lucrative affiliate deals while others pile influencers with products for reviews, added with a monetary benefit. Some companies are flying…

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We have all seen parents out in public with their children and they seem to have absolutely no control of them. Maybe you have not witnessed parents not being able to control their kids in public, but you may have the pleasure of knowing such parents. In case you are still not sure what I am talking about let me explain. There are some parents that let their kids do whatever they want at home or behind closed doors. These parents find it easier to allow their children to run rampant without any rules, regulations, consequences or discipline at home than to teach them how to act and discipline them. In short their kids basically control them. If you were to go to their house you’d probably find it in total chaos, complete uproar and no clear distinction of who is in charge.

When “Public Parents” go out in public with their children they decide to make an attempt at parenting their children which usually results in an EPIC FAIL! These parents decided that the right time to make rules and try to enforce them is out in public. Their children will usually take them for a joke, run away from, them, throw things, kick them or fight with other siblings and scream bloody murder. Of course parents become frustrated because they cannot get their children to behave and people are staring at them in disgust and shaking their heads. Now Mama’s please know that in know no way am I judging these parents. I am simply making an observation and giving my thoughts. I know how hard it is to parent kids as I am sure most of you are, especially if you have more than 1 child (I have 4).

Parenting is not an impossible task, but if you start out trying to parent the easy way it will come back to bite you. You have to set ground rules and expectations for your kids (age appropriate of course). You have to be firm and loving, but with a lot of practice and work you’ll be surprised at how your kids will start to rise to the occasion. Another biggie is ROUTINE. Kids love routines, believe it or not. When I say routine I am talking about regular nap times, regular bedtimes (all my kids go down for bed at 8:00 p.m.) and regular feeding routines. Kids pay attention to so much and if you have routines set for certain activities in their lives it gives them a cue to get with the program. These routines help your kids to learn behaviors and what to expect. Mama’s be present, in the moment and parent at all times. If you have a spouse or partner who doesn’t parent encourage them to do so, it will only make things easier for the both of you at home and in public.

Don’t be embarrassed by your kid’s behavior in public. We all know that if a kid acts crazy in public then God only knows how much havoc they wreak at home. If you are guilty of being a “Public Parent” and want to change, good news is you can. Now strap on and hold on tight because the journey will be a rocky one, but in the long run I feel you’ll be pleased if you stay the course. You will need to set some ground rules a.k.a "family rules" that you can post in a location where everyone can see them. These rules need to be simple and you don’t want too many. Here are a few to get you started:

#1-Be kind to others (no pushing, screaming, etc.)


#2-Say Please and Thank you


#3-No Yelling


#4-Share and Care


#5-Take turns and Have FUN!


These are simple rules that everyone can follow inside the home and out in public. You may meet at the designated location to say these daily and give a reward (star, point, etc.) for following house rules until they become a part of your normal routine. Once the rules have been mastered to your liking get some new rules so your kids don’t get bored. You can always revisit an old rule if needed. Mama’s I hope this helps you or someone you may know that is a “Public Parent”. Remember you have the power, just DO IT!


Don’t just live your life, Enjoy it!


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