Are you Over Vaccinating your Pet?

Could it be that we are Poisoning our Pets and don't even know it? How much do you know about the Vaccines your Veterinarian Administers?

Did you know that the only Required Vaccine is the Rabies Vaccine? Also did you know that the Rabies Dosage for a Great Dane and the Dosage for a 4 lb Chihuahua are exactly the same?

What if you have a pet that has Severe Allergic Reactions to Vaccines? Guess what you still have to vaccinate with a Huge Dose Rabies Shot. This could Kill your Pet but that doesn't matter to anyone but
you. You could dose them up with cortisone shots and benadryl, then give them the vaccines and pray they don't die on the table.

Why is Rabies required? Well it is to Protect Humans even though it is unlikely that your house hold pet will ever contract Rabies. There is a concern that your pet may be bitten by a Bat with Rabies, but that is rare. Unless you have an Outdoor Pet and you live in the Woods it is unlikely your pet will contract Rabies.

Changes that should be made:
1. The Dosage Level should be based on the Size of your Pet.
2. If your Pet has Severe Allergic Reactions to Vaccines there should be an Exception.
3. If you have an entirely indoor pet then Rabies should be optional and not required.
4. The 1 to 3 year shots should be changed to 7 years.

Why 7 years you ask? Based on Research if you have a Tier Test done on an Animal who has had the Rabies Shot the Levels Stay in the System for up to 7 years.

So why do we have the 2nd Rabies Shot after 1 year and then every 3 years? Well my guess, MONEY. Isn't MONEY always a factor?

We love our pets and we want the best for them, but are we really doing what is best for them? So many questions right, well here is one more. "What are you going to do about it?"

You can write your Representative.

U.S. House of Representatives:

U.S. Senate:

Also look up your Assemblyman!

If you are unsure what to write then use the Sample Letter below.

I am sending this letter on behalf of all the pets that have suffered from severe allergic reactions from vaccinations and are still forced to have them. I believe there should be an exemption for pets with these risks as the rabies shot as killed and nearly killed many small pets. The vaccine dosage is the same for a 4lb Chihuahua as a large Great Dane. Dose should be based on size of pet. This is an important issue that should be addressed.

While veterinarians commonly discuss the benefits of vaccinations with their clients, it is imperative that they also educate their clients concerning any known risk associated with the vaccination process as well. This would give pet owners the opportunity to make educated decisions regarding the care of their beloved pets. Consent forms describing the benefits and risks of vaccinations are warranted and should be distributed to all animal lovers by their veterinarians.

In addition, a truth in labeling law for Rabies vaccines is highly advised. Unbelievably, with the USDA's approval, some of the current three-year rabies vaccines are relabeled and used as one year products. Many animals are receiving a three-year dose every year and most families are not aware that this over-vaccinating is happening. Additional rabies vaccines should be good for 7 years and not 3 years.

A "veterinary vaccine injury act" should be enacted. This fund would help compensate families who have suffered negative consequences of any vaccination mandated by law as well as also help fund the development of safer vaccines and vaccine technology.

The government, in cooperation with the veterinary professional community, should enact and enforce a "standard" set of guidelines concerning the frequency and location for the administration of both feline and canine vaccinations. Veterinarians should then be held accountable to this "standard of care".

Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter, which holds great importance too many pet owners

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