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Article I Wrote For A Local Paper-Strider Balance Bikes For Kids! March 28, 2009

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I am always interested in finding/researching information ideas and products that are a resource to the family.

As I am a Mom, I like to share these findings with you!

This little bike is amazing!

Strider™ Running Bikes –The Next “BIG” thing in Outdoor Toys

As a Kindermusik educator, Moms have entrusted me with the musical education of their families. Our relationships go far beyond just the classes, and I am always on the lookout for new ways to nurture and develop their children. As a Mom, I know what it means to be quality conscious and penny thrifty, so when I came upon this unique “toy”, which has quite literally changed our lives, I was thrilled to share with anyone and everyone.

I am a cautious shopper and yet when I saw the potential that this bike offered, not to mention the beatific grin on my son’s face, not only did I purchase the bike on the spot but convinced the owner/inventor to let me become one of his distributors. I knew that this would be the end of a dinosaur. The tricycle as we know it - unwieldy, cumbersome, dangerous, frustrating and heavy may be put to rest. Usher in a new era, a bicycle ergonomically designed to accommodate the natural movement of a developing toddler. This is the bike for the next generation of riders.

Ryan Mcfarland, the inventor of this priceless item, is a family man who recognized the need to improve the safety and design of bikes for children who were learning to ride. He and I shared the common desire to provide appropriate outlets for our active children. How ingenious, to create a vehicle that could accommodate even the littlest one just learning to walk. The beauty is in the design. The child merely sits on the bicycle and begins to “stride”. Who knew exercise could be so much fun!

My life’s direction changed one ordinary Sunday afternoon, when we chanced upon a demonstration Ryan was holding at the annual International Motorcycle show. I eyed the bike with skepticism. After all, who wants a bicycle with no pedals? My son was growing bored with the exhibition, so I thought it would buy me a few moments of distraction if I let him “test drive” the item. It was cute, a miniature replica of a bicycle, sans the pedals. I was confident this wouldn’t last more than a few minutes. The child was just 2 and I was sure he would become frustrated as with all the other riding toys piled up at home. To my surprise and delight within moments he was scooting around the test arena and drawing quite a crowd!

I was impressed with Ryan’s warm demeanor and his genuine interest and passion in his product. He provided me with some tips and techniques to enhance the riding experience and we were on our way! I chose to have the bike assembled and we were actually able to hang it on the back of our carriage. Mind you, as we wended our way through the throngs of people the lightweight tiny vehicle remained steady the entire time. I knew that with an ordinary tricycle, within minutes the wheels or handle bars, would have injured a passerby. This was true freedom! I was sold.

The minute we returned from the city, my son ‘tried’ out his bike, ignoring the fact that we were in midst of a substantial snowfall. Surprisingly, he was able to maneuver the bike quite well, despite the snow. The strider can ride anywhere a child can walk. Sand, dirt, land, snow and of course the street are some of the places to “stride”. The best part is all the movement is controlled by the child’s legs. He is able to stop and start at his own pace.

This little bike is small, compact and featherweight. Throw it in the back of your trunk and you’re ready to ride-anytime. No more backs aching from pushing the tricycle that your child’s little legs aren’t strong enough to push. No more whining to re-position the trike every few minutes because your child hasn’t mastered the pedals. Enjoy the freedom to allow your child to experiment with his bicycle while you watch his progress. Share in the successes as a family-applaud each new physical milestone and watch your child’s confidence grow.

The 360 degree swivel of the handle bars prevents chest, stomach and spleen injuries, one of the causes of emergency room visits. The handlebars collapse flat when the child falls as opposed to the 90 degree fixed position of a tricycle. Case in point, the other day my son fell on the bars on a cheap plastic riding toy, fashioned after a tricycle. It took me awhile to sort through the screams to locate the source- a nasty abrasion on his chest.

This bike is the only form of outdoor recreation your child will ever need or want. How many types of riding toys are collecting dust awaiting their proper burial at the garage sale? I will never have to search again for the annual spring outdoor toy, knowing it will join its brothers in a few months. This bike grows with the child as the adjustable seat allows a 50 pound weight limit. Never worry about the training wheel nightmare, again. The bike is designed with the premise of allowing the child to find his/her natural balance which eliminates the need for stabilizers once transitioning to a regular bike. Your child will naturally shed the “Strider” like outgrown clothes, once he/she is ready for a regular bicycle.

Oh, the fun they will experience in the years in between! Forget searching for the Matzah! Hunting for the Egg. Grab this little treasure instead!

For more technical information and purchasing details, please visit our website:

Please note: We are offering FREE assembly for those who would like to arrange pick-up/possession of the bike in Teaneck, NJ, with the hopes of adding to the pick up zones in NYC and Brooklyn as well.

Author: Annette Simmons

Kindermusik Educator/Owner

Independent Distributor for Strider Balance Bikes

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