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Mom Organization Skills 101

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Do you or your students have trouble staying organized with all the papers that you are bombarded with during the school year?  I have a few programs that will help make your life a little easier this year.

Take Action File + Student File System
The Take Action File and Student File System help alleviate your problems by finding a place to put papers that you or your student still need to act on -- as well as subject files for middle/high school.  This program was created by Eileen Roth author of  Organizing for Dummies, she was also featured on The Today Show, and Oprah.Eileen Roth’s approach to organization is to put everything in its place. And she does this using systems, there are two versions - the middle/high school, and college. I've been working with the middle/high school one, and it has really helped me get organized with the pile of papers i had thrown in the closet. Mom's with elementary student's you can get the Take Action File without the student file system. Some things i found out were neat does not necessarily mean organized. Papers can be neatly filed away in folders, but if you can’t find them quickly, they aren’t organized in any type of system. Eileen’s organizing principles are simple and practical. And once you implement them, it will only take you minutes a day to stay that way. All you do is follow the system. Organizing your files, paper or computer, usually involves designing a new file system. Eileen starts out with some basic ideas, and then you work together to customize a system that works for you. Here are some tips from Eileen Roth
  • The first thing you want to do is to Purge. What is it that you don’t need to keep? Ask yourself how long you have been saving those papers? Have you ever used them again?
  • If you haven’t used them in a year or two, then throw them out. They are just taking up space.
  • Certain documents needs to be kept for legal reasons. Check with your accountant for those financial documents you need for audits or IRS retention requirements.
  • Other documents might be historical, i.e. you might want to keep several copies of a marketing brochure, or a conference brochure. Toss out the rough drafts.
  • Those documents you really think you need for reference need to be put in an organized file system. Just keep the items you really think you will refer to again, don’t keep information you won’t use.
For more information on this great system that helped get me organized (thank goodness!)  Check out her website

Next I'm going to introduce you to a Vision Board...
Vision Board
What is a Vision Board you ask?  A Vision Board is a visual representation of the goals your child wants to achieve this year. V.I.S.S. International teaches a winning formula techniques that will help you make the goals come to life. My vision board experience has been very positive! The VISS weekly videos show me how to structure my desires and goals so that my thoughts, feelings and actions aligned with one another. The process they teach brings absolute clarity and focus to whatever it is you want to achieve. The vision board experience is priceless and is an absolute must for anyone.  It's great for my kids too...I had my kids create a vision board with there crayolas and mag pics.  Here is a video to get you started and explain how the Vision Board Works, when this is done with children, it is done using their language, and depending on their age, more of a coloring book type format, rather than creating the vision board.  VISS offers seminars and personalized help,and has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Halmark, and in Women's World.  You can learn more on there site

The next must have Program is S-O-A-R.  S-O-A-R is a Study Skills program.  It is a simple and efficient system for earning better grades in less time.  This program was created by Susan Kruger, M.Ed., a certified teacher and learning specialist.  She combined her personal struggles with her professional expertise to create a powerful, student friendly system.  SOAR® Study Skills is a proud winner of the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, the only award program to ever be honored by!  Students who learn the SOAR® System get the homework help they need by learning how to efficiently:
  • Manage time
  • Organize papers
  • Take notes
  • Plan homework & projects
  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Set goals
  • Organize space
  • Take tests
  • Communicate with parents & teachers
  • Write papers
We started using the S-O-A-R study skills book, it is very interactive we were interested to find out what what type of intellegence we had (section 1) and find out how we spend our time.  My boys were reluctent at first, but when i told them that study skill will help them get better grades, and finish there work faster they were in.  The S-O-A-R Homework Help! for Parents Disc set is very helpful to me as a parent,  The first two audio disks that provide simple, family-friendly strategies that parents can implement to support the S-O-A-R Program.  Disk three is a CD rom and has a homework problem inventory, ebook, and a slideshow.   S-O-A-R also download one of their FREE Toolkits featuring "25 Ways to Make Homework Easier...Tonight!"  Check out their website at and follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Come back tomorrow for our final BTS Post covering a few other must haves for you and your family.

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