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Secrets of Readability: Tips for Writing Your Best Content

Writing good content is not an option to remain relevant in the market. You have to write appealing stuff that will help you increase web presence and visibility online. This is the main focus of a…

For 2018, Make Finding the Right Activities for Your Kids Your New Year’s Resolution

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Back to School Tips for Apartment Living

School is just around the corner, and when school starts you need to have your home in order to be able to manage the chaos of the back-to-school schedule. Before you send the kids back to school, here are some organizational tips to help you get your apartment ready for the upcoming school year.

1. Start with the Desk

Over the summer, the desk can become a catchall for paperwork, shopping bags, and more. Clear away the summer clutter to prepare yourself for a school year with a fresh slate. A clean desk will help you feel more productive, provide a place to do schoolwork, and make your overall living area feel less cluttered. As you declutter the desk, turn it into a space to do homework, with drawers or baskets for each child to store their stuff when they're not using it for their existing homework assignments.

2. Create a Backpack Station

One of the drawbacks of apartment living is the fact that it can get cluttered quite quickly, and backpacks can be a contributing factor. Create a space for them to limit the clutter. Whether it's a rack to hang them on near the door or a place in the bedroom for each person to stash their stuff, designate a backpack station somewhere in the home, and insist that it's used.

3. Prep the Closets

Back-to-school means winter is coming, for most climates. This is a great time to re-organize your closets. Leave a small portion of your summer clothes, then bring out the fall and winter stuff. This will give you plenty to wear and eliminate the need to make the big switch when you're in the midst of a busy school schedule.

4. Check the Storage Unit

While you're at it, take this time to clean out your storage unit, if you have one, or your storage closet. If there's something you haven't touched all summer that's not specifically a winter item, consider getting rid of it. This will free up some space for those items you want to take out of your living space and store for another season, like your summer toys and clothes.

When it comes to apartment living, you have to carefully prep for every life change in order to ensure that you have enough space for everything. Back to school is a great time to take charge of your summer clutter and start the school year fresh. Utilize these tips for great success.

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Comment by Sabrina Sandoval on August 23, 2017 at 5:34pm

Great tips <3

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