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Basic Beauty Treatment for Lovely Hair

This handful of information about hair should help you to understand your crowning glory just a bit better. BASIC beauty treatment for lovely hair is easy, bargain-priced, and vital. It's cleanliness. For long-term beauty have a treatment at regular intervals by a hair expert.

LET'S talk a bit about the actual styling of your hair. Hair is an accessory meant to adorn, complement, and to please you.

Whenever you feel in the dumps for more than a day at a time, make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser for a new hairstyle. Even if the finished product isn't exactly what you had hoped for, and this can happen with the most celebrated hair artists, the head pampering will be a marvelous morale-lifter.

Let me say this about going to a beauty salon. Go with a definite but flexible idea of how you want to look. If you are having a complete restyling job done, drop in for a briefing with your hairstylist before the actual big day. Tell your operator the styles you like and the lines you cannot bear for your face.

Tear pictures from magazines and newspapers illustrating styles for facial types similar to yours and show them to your hairdresser. Ask, consider, and ultimately accept his styling advice unless you are firmly convinced that you are right and he is wrong.

If your hair is clean, it follows as the night the day that it and your scalp are going to fight off a lot of diseases to which it otherwise might fall heir.

So this is what you do for lovely hair:

You diet properly. For hair care in general, food is a vital item. For instance, you should avoid salt as much as possible. Some hair experts are convinced that too much of it stunts hair growth.

This knocks out a lot of foods: Salted, smoked, canned, or spiced meats, bacon, frankfurters, ham, hard cheeses, salted crackers, pies with salted crusts, and, oh, a terribly long and depressing list.

A rule of thumb is just to shy away from foods that you know have much salt.

You brush your hair each day. Buy a good animal-hair, natural-bristle brush. Not a synthetic one. The bristles are too harsh; ultimately they must hurt your scalp. Actually, you know, you might get just as good effect by combing your hair daily with a good tortoise-shell comb.

Source: How to Look Pretty

The old standby of well-groomed women a hundred strokes a day, but whatever number you arrive at just make sure it's a big one. There's no substitute for regular brushing or combing.

You massage your scalp. Do it with your fingertips, and while you're about it avoid using any kind of pulling action on the hair. A vibrator will serve the purpose, too.

You shampoo. Regularly. Once a week will do the trick for dry hair, twice for oily. Occasionally, hair is too oily to be dealt with through ordinary channels. In this case, consult a physician, who can prescribe a corrective shampoo.

If you have a dry scalp, you apply vegetable oil without a mineral oil base. Good oils for this use are olive, sesame, castor, sunflower, or peanut, to be used together with dibs and dabs of lanolin.

You give your scalp a lot of good, fat circulation. Let someone else worry about whether tight hats will ruin your hair; just you don't take a chance that they may. I suppose this really is an item that men should bear in mind more than women, but some girls have the habit of wearing tight hats, headbands, and the like, so stop it right away.

About dandruff

Now take dandruff. We've got to take it, disagreeable as it is. It's known medically as seborrhea capitis, and it's with most of us in more or less degree, chiefly between the ages of 20 and 40.

There are a handful of reasons for it. Here are the four major ones as: (1) Faulty diet; (2) emotional tension; (3) infection; and (4) injury to the scalp. He offers four prongs of treatment:

(1) Shampooing; (2) local application of antiseborrheic preparations; (3) stimulating the scalp with ultraviolet or cold quartz rays; and (4) use of scalp lotions containing resorcinol, euresol, salicylic acid, chloral hydrate or mercury bichloride or a combination in glycerol-aqueous alcoholic "vehicles."

You may be a little startled to learn that diet is one of the major causes of dandruff.

Avoid too much of any of these: Chocolate, butter, tea, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, rich desserts, iodised salt, shellfish, and cream. Skip greasy foods, too, and cut down on spices.

Foods that WON'T give you dandruff are boiled or grilled lean meat, fish, whole-wheat bread, fruits, skimmed milk, vegetables, eggs.

Source: Dandruff in hair and eyebrowsdandruff hair and eyebrow

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