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Battle of the their minds

Yeah, I know…Duh! Obviously, there is no end to the ways in which men and women are different.

My husband was working from home this morning and had the British Open on the TV. As always, much of the coverage went to Tiger Woods (who had shot a good round, 4 shots back of the leader). This led to the latest of many conversations on Tiger Woods and his marital issues/infidelities/sex addiction vs. Tiger Woods the golfer. Rob is able to easily separate the two sides of Tiger. I, even though I can’t argue about his golf talents, can’t root for him. Nor can I understand how golf fans welcomed him back without hesitation. Now, I know he is good for the game. Ratings are higher for the networks, golf publications and blogs have higher readership, etc.

This led me to think of other cases where I can’t separate the person from their actions and where my hubby can.

Tom Cruise: I think he’s a nut! But more importantly, I have issues with the comments he made about Brooke Shields, depression, antidepressants, and how he called himself an expert on these things after doing some reading. Really? Hmmm…more than those who have devoted their careers to understanding mental health? I don’t remember Tom Cruise being quoted in my psychology books in college.

Mel Gibson: What happened to him? He seemed to be a lovely, devoted family man. His movies were excellent. He divorced…happens a lot…doesn’t affect my opinion. But now? His anti-semitic and racial rants. The apparent abuse of his ex-girlfriend/baby mama. It makes me wonder if these opinions were there all along, but now he is unable to keep them silent.

I feel sad about these gentlemen. I’ve enjoyed both of their movies over the years. Who can forget Cruise in the volleyball scene in Top Gun or in the underwear-dancing scene in Risky Business? And Gibson’s crazy, humorous cop in Lethal Weapon or his passionate performance in Braveheart? Now…I can’t watch those guys when I come across one of their films on cable. I can’t even look at them.

I tried to get in touch with Tom Cruise to ask his opinion on this topic, but he has yet to respond. So, I asked some friends and, not surprisingly, their responses fell along gender lines. Is this because men see a situation as a whole and think globally (they don’t separate the two sides of Tiger), while women think locally, focusing on details and subtleties (they see the details of these celebs’ offences & focus on those)? Is it because men and women see their satisfaction differently? For men, it tends to be more about career and prosperity, while women tend to place a higher value family and kids. So, men may tend to see these men as successful in their careers, while women are seeing the what has been done to their families.

So, I’d like your feedback. What do you think about this topic? Leave a comment…Let me know!

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