Be the BEST work-at-home mom you can be in 2012

What’s a work-at-home mom got to look forward to in the new year? Isn’t life the same as last week (which was, incidentally, last year, too): We’re at home, working from the dining table (for some, in their pajamas)?

Well, if you’re a more-often-than-not-optimist like me, you’ll ring in the new year as one filled with possibilities.

I must say, I didn’t always used to approach the new year with this type of enthusiasm! Also, I started off the year on a rather low point. Thanks to busyness, I got out of my post-Christmas melancholy after a day or two, and I’m back full force into work-at-home mom mode. And it got me thinking: How can I make this work-at-home year even better than the last?

I have a few ideas; they’re listed below. And I challenge you to at least do one of them. I tried several of them last year, and trust me: any of these will make you a happier, more purposeful, more satisfied work-at-homie! It’s a short list, but I figure these 12 items can be easily spread out through 12 months, right?

Let’s go! Read on…

Ideas that’ll help you be the best WAHM you can be in 2012:


1. Take up a new sport, hobby or pastime. Sounds like a common New Year’s resolution, right? But it’s always a good idea to do something new. For me this year, it’s going to be the gym!

2. Get your hair styled in a way you’ve never tried before. Even if you stay at home, you’re entitled to be gorgeous. Get a new haircut, new hair tint, whatever! Just commit to start looking fabulous.

3. Set aside a daily time for prayer and meditation. Yes, I mean it. Pray everyday. As a work-at-home parent, you need a place to retreat to when the day gets hectic, and a prayer time can be that spiritual, mental, emotional retreat for you. Prayer can mean different things for you than it does for me, but the point of having a time set aside for this is so that you will be a more thankful, reflective, optimistic person before the year is over.

4. Prettify your home. Listen, if you’re a work-at-homie, you need to make your home pretty. That’s just my philosophy! You’re at home 24/7 anyway, so why not revamp your home into something you’ll love staying in and working in? Start with one area first, like a corner of a room, a space in your kitchen, your work-at-home spot.

5. Create a work-at-home space that serves your purpose. I’m personally doing this since I currently work from our dining. table. I can’t wait to finish up my new area! (Follow my Home Office Inspirations for some great ideas on creating a lovely work-at-home space.)

6. Start a blog. My blog has brought me places: It’s provided me with work opportunities and has helped me firm up my work-at-home profession.

7. Study, learn, discover! The work-at-home landscape is an ever-changing one, and you have to keep up. If you’re an Internet freelancer like me, you can’t be left behind. Take up a short course online, have a budget for purchasing books and e-books that will help enhance your craft, look for a mentor–do everything you can to learn more about what you’re doing.

8. Create a work-at-home calendar that’s suited to your needs and specifications. (Personally, iCal and a good ol’ notebook planner works for me. More on that in an upcoming post.)

9. Become “greener” parent. This is a great step for your household, and one that can help take your work-at-home lifestyle to a healthier level, one step at a time. I can truthfully say that being able to work from home has also made it easier for me to “green” our lifestyle. Why not try it this year, fellow WAHM? Start by ordering organic veggies, like I’ve been doing, and supporting local products. (You can read up on my Green Living topics for great ideas, too.)

10. Start a household notebook so that you can manage your work, chores, kids, et al better and more efficiently.

11. Create relaxing spaces in your home. Trust me, this is possible. I even wrote about it.

12. Make your “me time” a non-negotiable. You owe it to yourself, your family and your work to slow down once in a while and just focus on “you.” Calendar those mani-pedis, hit the spa at least once a month, have your alone time with your hubby, escape from the house and just work on getting pampered once in a while. You’ll be glad you gave yourself time.

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