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With warmer weather just around the corner the beach baby shower theme is perfect for the season.  We absolutely love the surf baby shower theme for both boys and girls! It is casual and fun, great for a couple’s shower or a mommy-to-be who loves the beach.  Turn your home or backyard into a tropical oasis and give the mom-to-be a relaxing day at the beach.  Is your guest list ready to hang ten?

If it’s found at the beach, it can be included in the beach themed baby shower.  Bring in sand buckets, sunscreen, a beach blanket, a beach umbrella, sand, and sun glasses for this party.  Shower Guests will leave thinking life’s a beach!

Beach themed decorations and ideas:

Bring the fun to your summer with some patterns, bright colors and summertime accessories.  Use lots of ocean blues and oranges for a boy or preppy pinks and greens for a girl.  Find lots of “under the sea” or beach goodies and paint them to coordinate with your color scheme.

Any beach or tropical theme invitations will let your guests know what kind of party you are having.  There are so many choices if you are buying preprinted invitations.  You could also make your own if you are feeling crafty.  If you are having a pool party or holding the baby shower outdoors, make sure to let your guests know to bring swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, etc.

“Message in a bottle” – allow guests to have a place to leave sweet notes for the beach baby and the new parents.  Paint small tins to resemble sand pails and place them in the center of the tables complete with party favors and balloons!  Or fill large glass jars with seashells.  Place seashells and starfish on the tables with votive candles.  Also, to add to the fun, construct a “Beach Baby” sign to look like it was made of old weathered wood and direct guests to the party entrance.

Keeping with the theme, make sure to have a beach themed cake.  Tropical beach theme cakes are always fun and a great crowd pleaser.  Make sure the beach theme is done in “baby style” and emphasize the beach and/or surfing.  Place handcrafted beach toys, shells, surfboards and marine life around the cake for extra detail.

Cupcakes are also a timeless treat.  Cupcakes work with any theme and are perfect for those of us who despise cutting up a big cake at parties.  Make a cake out of cupcakes! The shower cake could be a huge sandcastle.  To create that illusion, use a large wooden (handmade) cupcake tree covered with lots of yummy cupcakes and white chocolate seashells that are sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs to look like sand, of course!  For the top add a 6” round cake that is decorated to look like a real sandcastle and top it off with a pennant topper that has the baby’s name. Your summery sweets could definitely take the cake!

For food, grill hamburgers and hot dogs, sandwiches, chips and dips, potato salad, fruit kabobs (chunks of fruit on a skewer), virgin pina coladas or strawberry daiquiris.  Serve blue Hawaiian punch with cocktail umbrellas.  There are a lot of embellished drinking straws at the store or make your own by creating decorative flags and adhering them to the top of the straw.  It’s a quick, inexpensive way to bring more of the party drama to your table.

Other decorations can include a fishing net dyed pink or blue with lots of hand painted fish, crabs and whales.  Use fishing net as a backdrop behind the main table and hang your hand painted nautical friends.  Roll up some beach towels that match your color scheme and place them around the room or use as a tablecloth.  You could also use them as a table runner. Put inflatable beach balls around the room (can also be used for games).  Beach balls floating in the pool create the perfect ambience for your poolside party.  They provide color and movement.

Try a different take on the baby clothesline and hang cute bathing suits, a shark robe and other beach relatedbaby clothes and gifts instead of your typical onesies and bibs.  Little boy’s swimming trunks would be adorable as well as a little snorkeling set.  Not only will they look adorable but a part of the décor will be used again and again by this sure to be beach-going baby! The possibilities are endless!

The party favors could include “Thank you” suckers, salt water taffy, mini candy bars or pipettes filled with gumballs with a super cute tag that reads, “Thank you for coming! We hope you had a ball!”  Find little beach bags and fill them with goodies including a bottle of water with a custom label, custom lip balm, note cards and beach themed candy.  Another cute party favor is surfboard cookies with a little “thank you” note attached.

Beach Baby Shower Game Ideas:

Beach Ball Toss – Have everyone stand in a circle. Have one guest toss the beach ball to someone else in the circle. The person who catches the ball must name a baby item and then toss it to someone else. If someone cannot name anything within 5 seconds or repeats an item that has already been said, they are out. Keep going until the last person is standing.

Don’t break the Water – This is an outdoor game. Fill up some water balloons (enough for each guest). Have them put a water balloon between their legs and make it from one point to another without breaking the balloon.

Guess What’s in the Beach Bag – Fill a beach bag with baby items that you would need at the beach (sun block, baby sunglasses, sippy cup, diapers, sun hat). Have your guests write down what they think might be in the bag. The person, who guesses the most right, wins. The mom-to-be gets to keep the beach bag and the items inside.

There are so many tiny details that make this party extra special but the new mommy will definitely love her beach baby shower theme.

More beach themed party ideas:

  • Hawaiian Baby Shower – Guests and honoree visit Hawaii, by way of a baby shower
  • Tiki Baby Shower – Convert any pool side, beach or even living room into a tiki paradise
  • Luau Baby Shower – This Hawaiian night party is thrown, as you might guess, on a warm summer night.
  • Tropical Baby Shower – One conjures up all things tropical to celebrate a baby’s arrival


For unique beach baby gifts to match this theme visit our BEACH BABY GIFTS and our INFANT SWIMWEAR pages!

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