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Bebe Sounds baby monitors can provide peace of mind for new parents. And Angelcare Monitor is fully aware that there are many things for parents to take care of when they bring their child home. They need to make sure the baby’s basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing are taken care of properly. However, the safety of your baby while they are sleeping is also a major concern.

No parent can watch their child every minute of the day, and it only takes a few seconds for something to go wrong. Bebe Sounds monitors can help parents keep a close eye on their child and decrease the chances of something going wrong. The new monitors by Angelcare feature a portable sound and video monitor that allows parents to hear and see what is going on with their baby in addition to their flagship movement sensor pad.

Each baby monitor has a sensor pad that goes under the mattress and keeps track of the baby’s movement. This sensor can pick up the slightest movements from a baby. If no movement is detected after twenty seconds, the Bebe Sounds alarm goes off from the parents unit to alert the parents. This is an extremely important feature of the monitor and what has placed Angelcare ahead of their competition.  In addition, the Angelcare AC401 and their new Angelcare AC1100 has received top reviews at many of the baby product reviews sites.  In fact, their AC401 is their #1 seller world wide.

Each year, thousands of infants die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). With this sad and devastating condition, a child simply stops breathing while their sleeping.  All but one of Angelcare’s monitors come with a sensor pad enabling parents to monitor their baby’s heart beat through these heart listener type features.  These sensor pads send a signal to the parent unit, thus parents receive a signal when the child stops moving or breathing.

The signal alerts them to quickly check on their baby. This feature possibly decreases the likelihood of the child’s death due to SIDS. These special baby monitors are useful for children from birth to twelve months, which is when the risk for SIDS is reported to be at it’s greatest risk level.  This is why this monitor will sometimes be referred to as a sids monitor.

Need To Install The Bebe Sounds Monitor Correctly

Parents have to be careful when setting up the Bebe Sounds alarm sensor pad because it needs to be placed on a flat surface under the mattress in order to work properly. All of the monitor’s equipment has to be correctly installed in order to have both the baby sound and movement features work properly.  Simply place your baby in their crib with the unit turned on test to see that you can listen to your baby.

The monitor can be operated by batteries or electricity, but everything has to be set up exactly as stated in the instructions. If the power goes out, the monitor will switch over to battery operation mode.  When setting up the alarm, parents have to be careful and put any cords out of reach of the child to prevent any risk of strangulation.

Appliances in the home can interfere with the transmission of sounds from the baby. Therefore, parents have several channels to select from with the monitor in order to improve reception. The Bebe Sounds monitor is equipped with features that light up in case there is too much noise for parents to hear sounds from the baby.

Bebe Sounds Offers Multiple Channels For Uninterrupted Signal

Users of the monitor have reported that they are very satisfied with the product. The movement sensor is extremely helpful and gives parents the comfort of knowing their baby is okay. Parents have also reported that the audio monitor gives them a peace of mind about the safety of their child. They indicate that features such as the low battery indicator and the ability to adjust sensitivity are a plus with the monitor.

There are some flaws to the Bebe Sounds monitor. One complaint parents give is that the movement sensor sometimes gives false alarms. Parents also state that the sensor is a little small and that setting up the equipment correctly can be tricky. The cost of the monitor is also a concern, as it is somewhat expensive.

In spite of these issues, parents’ overall satisfaction with the product is very high. The Bebe Sounds monitor is worth the investment based on the reviews parents have provided at many of the baby product reviews sites.

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