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Being a Parent & Working from Home, Is there a balance?

Have you ever thought of the challenges one might face if they work from home and manage a busy household? For scheduling purposes they would usually  take the easy route and work when their kids and spouse are not at home. Easy peasy right?

What about holiday weeks, school breaks(summer, winter, spring), and sick days? How do you juggle being a great asset to your company or keep good merits with your boss, if you have to take the whole summer off? And let's not forget, you want to be a caring parent and a thoughtful spouse and spend time with your loved ones when they are available or in need. Working at home is not always the fantastic life people paint it out to be. Everything worth doing, will have its challenges. Knowing your limitations and having a plan A, B,& C will always come in handy.

Taking a Time Out for 2 Hours During the Day

Remember to check your options on switching your hours or floating your time, if you find that you can trade some hours during the day for some hours at night, try to mix it up. If you have children who may be home for a vacation period, don't lock yourself away for 8 hours a day because you have to work. One of the options a lot of Independent Contractors and Telecommuting Reps have is splitting their time. Taking time to be with your family is one of the perks of being in this business, utilize it to the max.

Mark Your Territory for the Times You Have to be About Business Only

If you have a set area or room that you have your office set up in make sure to hang a sign, if you can, that states business hours. Sometimes our loved ones take for granted that just because they are "off work" or "out of school", that you are available to them. You can help them when you can but not until your sign comes down. Separating the "you the mom or dad", from "you the Worker", can sometimes be hard for families to except, but if you follow the paragraph above, you can still keep your household happy while separating the times needed completing work tasks and the times you have to spend with them.

Days Off Are Not Just for Weekends

Flexibility in a home based business is important. If you do not have flexibility in your schedule and your time you may want to look for another opportunity that awards you such liberties. Taking a day off during the week to divide your time is a great way to plan a day trip, family lunch, movie day and so much more. Or  use that time to take care of a sick family member if you must.


Parent Switch Day

This is a oldie but goodie, I can not take any of the credit for this idea. One of my Contractors told me she was doing a parent switch day because as a single mother because she wanted to work 35 hours a week but with a baby, now toddler, it was impossible. She partnered with another mom in the area and they alternated days on and off and babysat for each other on the alternate day. Obviously you want to only do this with someone you know and trust, or try a service that can do this for you. This is not only a great idea for long vacations, and for kids who may not be in school yet, but for after school hours as well. Try a long day, short day parent switch. Where some days you work 8 hours and other days you work 5.  Thanks for this awesome info. AG

Remember working at home is a great advantage to you for many reasons. Most people live at least 30 minutes from their job location so they spend at least an hour just commuting back and forth to work. Use the extra time that has been given to you wisely. When you are not distracted by the needs of your household, take that extra time for yourself, and you will be better rested for when your family really needs you.


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