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Being Quoted In The Wall Street Journal Didn't Mean As Much As This Child

I had a life changing moment recently. I've written a book been featured on major news outlets like the Business Insider, Wall Street Journal and more. I've been very blessed. I coach an amazing group of women who want to make money with their blog and they are writing books and doing great. 

But in spite of all those accomplishments nothing filled my heart as much as the though of helping this young boy.  I was a volunteer recently at an event and this was my experience.

I hope it inspires you to see the good you probably already are doing :)


This post is not about making money, or coaching, or any of the normal things I usually blog about. I want to speak to those who say, "I want to change the world"

I was asked to volunteer at an event recently. I became a World Vision volunteer. I had no idea what World Vision was at that time. If you don't either you can visit World Vision and you'll soon find out. It's an amazing organization that helps provide children with clean water, food, resources to improve their community and so much more. They do this via sponsorships from people all over the world.

I a person who believes in prayer. So I prayed hoping and trusting many children would be sponsored that night. Many were. I wasn't even at the table 10 minutes when a woman walked up to me and offered $500 as a first time gift. HUGE blessing.

Even though that was such a great moment I also saw many people passing by with hands filled with nachos, drinks and everything else. Many with great wealth. I was standing at a table filled with pictures of beautiful children who needed help. Watching those who could help walked on by. Now let me just say I have no idea what humanitarian efforts they are involved in currently if any. For all I know they've sponsored orphanages and that is fine. What I really want to share is that experience had a very surreal affect on me.

Suddenly I thought, "How many times have I walked by? Wanting to make a difference but in the moment never taking action." It had such a profound affect on me that I made the decision right there and then to sponsor a 6 year old boy named David (pictured in this post).

When I made that decision my heart was so full. Immediately I realized this was a life changing moment. You may be thinking "Thats easy for you I can't afford it" Yes you can. We all can. Everyone has $5 or $10 they can spare. If 100 people gave $5 a piece do you know how much that could do for a child and their community? A lot. You can afford it.

I've been a Christian for a long time. I've also given to the church for years. They feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and give to missions.  Even though all those things are wonderful I have to say to see the face of a child and truly make a difference, well nothing has ever felt as good.

We live in a world where coaches and authors love to chant the million dollar phrase "Do you want to change the world?" I have to admit I even have that on one of my own websites. However I am finding that for some people the translation is: Do you want to make more videos, sell more CD's and basically care for yourself. Recently in a group people who call themselves "World changers"  (this is not the group's name by the way) I shared my experience along with a photo of David. I was super excited and wanted to share what happened. All the while  thinking "world changers" would be as excited as I was.  No one said a peep. Not "Wow that's great where can I learn more?"  or "Hey that's a great cause"  No not a peep.

It made me feel like laughing if it had not been so sad. Are people so wrapped up in their own world that they don't realize that changing the world is not about coaching programs?  It's about what you DO with the money you make from those programs. It's about the lives you impact. May I also share that If you never do anything with the blessings you've been given other then blow them on yourself you are really not a world changer.

I wanted to share my experience and say that if you are one of those shouting, "I want to change the world!" Then DO something. If you want to change the world it starts with a single life.

You don't have to sponsor a child in a foreign land but you can go visit the widow on your block who has on one. You can go to the senior home filled with those who've been forgotten and put a smile back on their face. You can go to your local shelter and donate some of the clothes you've been waiting to fit back into that you won't any time soon.

World changers don't talk about changing the world, they DO change the world.  God is very smart. There is a Bible passage that says, "You will know them by their fruit."

What that means is you may hear a lot of people speak about changing the world. But if they don't do anything for others, if the business they have doesn't change lives for the better then their life is fruitless.

I'm curious. What are you doing to make a difference? Even if it's just I help my girlfriend with the dishes because she is exhausted, then you ARE a world changer. One life, one heart, one moment at a time.

This video is from one of my favorite movies of all time, Evan Almighty. Listen to the end of the clip about how you can really change the world. Then go do it :)

I'd love for you to visit my blog I have a ton of tips for blogging there - That's what I normally write about but this time was very special to me.

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