My goal is to publish at least three posts a week because I want to do freelance writing for this pregnancy. Let's all have a good laugh right now (I have approx. eight posts in draft, titles only). What energy I CAN summon during the day is spent towards getting out of the house with baby girl & doing something fun, running errands, and/or/sometimes cleaning. I also have been making dinner every night. THIS IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT. And that is all I can manage.

Belly Diaries, Weeks 11 & 12:
How far along: 12 weeks, 4 days (Still due Jan. 18, 2013)
Total weight gain/loss: Staying strong at minus 5 LBs, but weight has been redistributing itself into weird places and I'm spreading out e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.
Maternity Clothes?: Not yet, but two good friends have provided me with a ton of clothes I am excited to wear. In a few days months, of course. Still squeezing into my skinny jeans. Going to wear them for as long as I can without cutting off blood circulation. And then I will mourn their passing for another four {or five or six} seasons.
Exercise Habits: I went swimming once last week. I managed 600 yards (24 lengths of the pool) in 15 minutes and almost passed out. When E came to see if I wanted to go home, I willingly, and barely managed to, climb out of the pool. Failed miserably at my PLANNED exercise (3 days swimming + 1 cycling class + 2 days cycling and/or elliptical and/or slow jogging on my own +1 Zumba class + 3 days arm/back strength training + 2 days lunges/squats  + abs every day + prenatal yoga twice a day. HA HA HA HA HA)
Sleeping?: SO SLEEPY. ALL THE TIME. (Previous caps to be read in my extreme complaining voice, not a shouting one. Why so sleepy all the time?? Low iron??)
Best Moment This Week: Seeing E after a week long trip to California with the baby. That sweet, sweet moment the Flight Ride from H-E Double Hockey Sticks was over and I could pass off the baby-monster to someone else.

Hyper baby-monster before the flight

Isla's Reactions: Now when I tell her there's a baby in my belly, she sweetly puts her head on my stomach. I feel this is a move in the right direction. Hopefully we do not digress back to hitting the belly.
Miss anything?: I miss being able to do anything active without feeling like I'm going to fall over from fainting. Just a 20 minute walk, please, baby-alien in my belly.
Movement: Can't really feel anything, but I'm still in my 1st trimester.
Morning Sickness?: All day, er'ry day.
Food Cravings: CHOCOLATE MILK, PB&J sandwiches, ice cream w/ homemade hot fudge sauce (Thank you, E!), apricots, nectarines, grapes, homemade strawberry smoothies.
Food Aversions: Tuna (that was fast), chicken, mayo (GAG), bananas in any form, regular honey, leftover salad in the fridge, water.
Showing yet?: Definitely NOT a "baby bump" since my uterus is still so low, but there's a food bump there all right.
Gender Prediction: Now I'm not sure. So many people have planted the seed of doubt that it's a boy, when I've been feeling like another girl is going to join our family back in March, pre-pregnancy. I don't find out til August 28. And I already decided I'm NOT doing a "gender reveal" party. I'll take the quiet intimacy that is a darkened ultrasound room with my husband + the technician.
Labor signs: NO 
Moods: ALWAYS ON THE VERGE OF CRYING. ALWAYS. EVERYTHING MAKES ME CRY. Example: Watched Deathly Hallows 2 on Friday night {SPOILER ALERT! Even though you should have seen AND read all the movies & books by now, for shame}... so, so sad when Harry sees that Fred & Tonks & Lupin die. So, so sad when Harry finds out that Severus Snape is really the best and bravest person he knows EVER. Sob. I needed my Kelsey Y. and Tara girl to watch this movie with me.)
Looking Forward To: Second trimester energy spurt...where are you?? (One week til 2nd trimester! One week!)

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