Here we are at Monday again. The weeks fly by but the weekends go much faster. I did get a lot accomplished this weekend and spent time with my boys and some friends.

I am so excited because Best Body Bootcamp by Tina Reale ( starts up again on April 1st. One week away!! I have enjoyed doing my Jillian Michaels DVD's over the last month but have really missed bootcamp.

The price goes up this Friday, so if you haven't signed up, sign up now! I know it's not Thursday but I am going to tell you what I think about bootcamp anyway...

Here's the details from the site:


WHO: Anyone! This personal fitness challenge is open to everyone – bloggers and readers, family and friends.

WHAT: An 8 Week Fitness Program adapted for all fitness levels and geared to improving your lifestyle.

WHEN: Round 5 begins APRIL 1ST.

WHERE: Online! Through . Workouts and check-ins are done via email and Google docs with support via a weekly newsletter, private Facebook group, and using the #bestbodybootcamp hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

WHY: A fun and flexible way to train. A great way to stay motivated through the support of other participants. To learn and experience new workout techniques and exercises. To get healthier as you go through the workouts AND work to achieve other personal, health-related goals of your choosing. Cash prizes! We generally have a $100 winner every week and up to five $1000 grand prize winners (number of grand prize winners based on how many people register).

COST: The cost of BBB includes 8 weeks worth of workouts (new workouts sent out via email every 2 weeks), access to the Facebook support group (optional group), weekly newsletter, and entry into the cash prizes (based on completion of workouts and other goals, not weight or other statistics).

Note that the pricing will work slightly differently than before:

Now until March 29th = $25
Late Registration March 30th – April 7th = $35

Make sure you register on time to get the standard $25 rate!

Also if you visit her website you can see a sample workout and frequently asked questions.

Here is why I love it:

  • I don't have to be a member of a gym. My local gym is $30 a month to use the gym and take classes. It is not a bad price but not all the classes were one's that interested me and I had no idea where to start with the weight machines. However, to get a trainer to help me is an extra charge. Best Body Bootcamp is $25 for 8 weeks and it is like having a trainer in my home. Every 2 weeks I get new strength workouts with videos to show me how to do the moves. If they require a piece of gym equipment then an at home option is provided that is just as hard.
  • It allows me freedom with my workouts. I like to workout early in the morning. My local gym doesn't open until 5:30 which doesn't give me enough time to workout and get home and shower before the boys get up and the day begins. Since I can do Best Body Bootcamp at home, I can get up when I want and get the workout done with no travel time because I can just go to my basement. The main equipment you need at home is a light and heavy set of dumbbells and a stability ball. You can have other equipment but those are the necessities.
  • The workouts are tough and work all muscle groups. I love the workouts from Best Body Bootcamp. They are varied and work all areas. This will be my third round and I have noticed a huge change in my muscle definition as well as in my running since being on a regular strength training program. I am a stronger runner because of this program. The workouts give you strength days and cardio days. The cardio days are either cardio of your choice or an interval type workout. The strength workouts focus on different muscle groups each time so you are getting a full body strength plan. They also increase in intensity, so week one you may do 3 sets and then week 2 you either increase your reps, add a set or both. The workouts also provide you with form pointers as well as way's to modify each each exercise to make it easier or harder.
  • The workout plan is flexible. There are many people doing Best Body Bootcamp that are training for races, triatholons, etc. Tina encourages you to make the program work for you. So for me personally, I do the strength days from the program but do my training runs on the cardio days. As long as you are active 5 days a week then you are working the program.
  • The workouts are no more than 40 minutes. I have never had a workout from Best Body Bootcamp take me longer than 30-40 minutes. I appreciate this because everyone is busy and can't always commit an hour or longer to a workout. For me 30-40 minutes is perfect.
  • Best Body Bootcamp asks you to set 2 goals for yourself each week. It might be eat more vegetables, drink more water, no junk food snacks, increase weight, go to bed early, etc. Whatever you decide you then focus on those that week. I have enjoyed that part as much as the workouts because the program holds me accountable for my goals, they are on paper and that helps me rather then just thinking about my goals.
  • There is a great community of participants in Best Body Bootcamp. Tina sets up a facebook group with each round of bootcamp. This is a great place to check in or voice frustration with reaching daily goals. It is also a great place to see that other's struggled with the same move you struggled with. Everyone is also very encouraging on days when things didn't go as planned or if someone had a workout set back. It has been a great group to be a part of each round. Also Tina is always on the facebook page, checking in and encouraging everyone.
  • Each week in Best Body Bootcamp you enter your results in a personal google document spreadsheet that Tina views. So for each day of the week you put an X in the box if you completed activity, goal 1 and goal 2. It's simple and easy. Tina tracks it and awards you entries into the weekly drawings and tallies your entries for the final drawing.
  • There are prizes!! Granted I have not won any prizes in the last two rounds but the possibility of winning adds to the fun.

Best Body Bootcamp starts up April 1st and the price goes up after this Friday, March 29th. I promise you won't be sorry if you sign up, it truly is a great flexible program for all fitness levels. Go to the website and sign up!!

Question of the day: (a quick note about Question of the day-I am going to switch it up and only do a question on Monday and Wednesday now since Tuesday, Thursday and Friday's have a set theme)

It was a good environment.

When my oldest was the age to go to preschool I was nervous. I wanted a place that was small and homey feeling. I wasn't concerned about what academics they would push or if they would prepare him for his college career, he was 3 I wanted him to have a safe and fun environment for his first time in school. Being a former teacher maybe I should have been more concerned with the academics but also being a former teacher I knew all of that would come when he was ready. Granted I did want him learning in preschool and being exposed to it, it just wasn't my main focus, I knew he would not head off to college not knowing his letters no matter what school I chose when he was 3.

I was so lucky to find the perfect environment for him. They staff at the little preschool I found had the exact take on preschool that I did. He was introduced to letters, numbers, etc but in a fun, low stress caring environment. It truly was a good environment for both my boys and I was sad when we moved away and had to switch preschools. Granted I found another great one but I loved Little Preschoolers for their first preschool.

What about you, how would you answer it was a good environment?

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