Friday afternoon I was very excited because my Pro Compression socks arrived! They are hot pink and I tried them on right away. I will give you a full (unofficial-they didn't ask me to) review on Thursday, *spoiler alert* I love them!!

Well the weekend did not go entirely as planned. Friday night my son got sick. So I slept with him in the guest room with the dog. We were up a few times to race to the bathroom but luckily by Saturday morning he was as good as new.

I, however, was not. I woke early Saturday morning feeling as though someone had punched me in the face. The entire right side of my face was throbbing and I knew I had a sinus infection. So I took some medicine and waited patiently for urgent care to open. (I know one would think urgent care would mean open at any time but no, ours is open from 9-9)

So I spent all Saturday on the couch waiting for my antibiotics to kick in and taking ibuprofen to minimize the pain. Granted, I was able to catch up on the blogs I like to read and work on mine. Notice the new line of follow buttons...I have been wanting to do that since the first day I started my blog. I have been struggling to figure out how because I am not good yet with HTML codes. But I had success on Saturday, so I am happy.

Sunday I was feeling much better. I spent the day with my oldest friend having lunch and shopping. We had a great time. I wish we could do it more often but with kids and family stuff, it is hard. The good thing is, we both understand that and make time when we can and email, talk and text when we can't.

Today marks week 8 of Best Body Bootcamp. The final week for this round. This is a bittersweet week. I am proud that by Friday I will have completed the entire 8 week program. However, I am bummed because the next round doesn't start until the beginning of April.

I truly love Best Body Bootcamp, for multiple reasons. It gives me variety in my workouts, it gives me different strength workouts to do and it is a challenge to complete the workouts. I look forward to receiving the new workout document every two weeks to see what Tina Reale has in store.

I like checking in on the facebook page and seeing how everyone else is doing and seeing that they may be struggling with the same workout/move as me. They are also very supportive of everyone. Everyone is encouraging everyone which I think is awesome. We share our successes and failures in the commitment to be healthy. It is a great community of people. We also share our blogs, which I think is fun because I have found some I really like reading.

The other part I like is the check-in. Everyone who signs up receives a google excel spreadsheet to mark throughout the 8 weeks. Each participant makes 2 goals for themselves every week as well as the workout. So everyday you mark off if you did activity and if you met your two goals. This is where the extra bonus of bootcamp comes into play, if you complete 5 days of activity/goals you earn an entry toward the drawing. So if you complete 5 days of activity and meet your 2 goals for 5 days then you earn 3 entries. Each week there is a $100 winner and at the end there are 5 $1000 winners!!

So here we are in week 8 and I have loved every workout and feel great and feel stronger as a runner because of all the strength training I am doing. Also I have earned enough entries to be entered into the $1000 drawing. Now the chances of me winning $1000 is slim, there are 600 dedicated participants in bootcamp. However, there is still a small chance, so I like to think of what I might reward myself with if I were to is my list: (now just an FYI this list is purely non-practical purchases because it is prize money and i think prize money should go toward something fun)

  • Heavier dumbbells and a weight bar-getting ready for the next round of Bootcamp
  • New Running Shoes
  • New Lucy Gear-truly anything from there, I just love that store!!
  • A couple more pairs of Pro Compression socks-one is just not going to be enough, I mean you sweat in them

I, of course, would not purchase all of these things if I won, these are just the list of choices.

So, for now, I will enjoy the final week of Bootcamp for this session and continue to dream of what I would do with the prize money and then congratulate whoever wins.

You should sign up for the next session. Sign-up starts March 4th, join in on the fun! I will spend the month off revisiting some of my favorite workouts from this past session and I will be starting the Spring Bootie Buster(A new Challenge), so I have that to look forward to, which is nice.(name that movie quote)

Question of the day:

I wish...

I have a lot of wishes but I think my greatest wish is for my boys. I wish for them that life turns out to be fantastic for them (as I am sure all parents do).

I wish that they will accomplish all that they hope to in life. I wish that they have more successes than failures (although everyone needs to fail time and again-life isn't perfect) I wish that they will always have friends who encourage them and not have to deal with people putting them down.

I wish that whatever path they decide to take in life will not be marked with too many obstacles and that they achieve all that they dream.

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