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Black Friday Starts Early This Year

Thanksgiving Day is about being grateful for the blessings in our lives, spending time with family and enjoying a Thanksgiving feast. 

This year after spending quality time with family, it’s also about shopping.  Many big box retail stores are starting their Black Friday sales the night of Thanksgiving.  After you’ve cleaned up from the Thanksgiving feast and had a few minutes to digest, it’s time to hit the stores if you want to grab some of the Early Bird specials!

With a hope to pick up sales, some stores are offering late night Black Friday shopping hours rather than the super early in the morning hours.  If you aren’t into bleary eyed shopping at the wee hours of the morning, the late-night Black Friday hours might suit you better.  Shoppers can stay up late, do some quick shopping and come home to still sneak in a few hours of sleep before starting their day.  Each store has a different tactic this year, be sure to check your local ads to verify Black Friday shopping hours.

  • Walmart is opening at 10 PM on Thanksgiving.  However, unlike past years, their Doorbusters are scattered.  The toy Doorbusters start at 10 PM and are good all day Friday.  Electronic deals start at 12 AM and are on sale while supplies last.  They also have a select few deals that start at 8 AM on Friday.  One of the neat things Walmart is offering this year is an online map showing where special items will be located, giving you time to prepare your strategy before you get to the store.


  • Target is opening at Midnight on Friday.  Their Doorbusters start right away and are good while supplies last.  They are also advertising additional in-store TV “surprise” offers.  You can go to Target’s site to find out what the specials are, right now it just says Coming Soon.


  • Best Buy is opening at Midnight on Friday, but they will start passing out their infamous tickets to get certain “hot” items, two hours before store opening.  They are also advertising on-line only deals for Thanksgiving Day.  Visit Best Buy for details. 


  • Kohl’s is opening at Midnight with its Early Bird Specials starting right away and going through 1pm on Friday.  Something new they are doing this year is offering $15 Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent with no limit on how much you can earn.

Do you have a Black Friday shopping strategy this year?  What are your thoughts on the different Black Friday shopping hours this year?

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