Blog about blog (How unoriginal can one woman be.)

I started blogging 10 years ago when blog was The New Thing. I found other bloggers, linked to them and we read each other.
Our blogs were mostly about every-day-life. Sometimes we talked about some topics in society and sometimes about politics.
My blog slowed down over the years but I never quite quit. We moved over to Facebook (everyone and his granddad is on Facebook in Iceland).
I started blogging more one or two years ago but now I mostly blog about social matters and politics. Often about feminism which is under a lot of fire now.
Few months ago I read an interview with a fitness guru and a medical student who said he didn't need to take any student's loans because his fitness blog supported him. He advised other Icelanders to try it but of course we had to write in English.
'Hmm' I thought. 'I've been blogging for ten years now and my English is OK s maybe I just give it a go.'
I realised of course blogging would never support me but a few extra bucks would be nice. So I started a new blog, in English.
It's just another personal blog. I don't know how to fix refrigerator and I put everything in the microwave. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.
Then I started to google to learn how to become a successful blogger. What I discovered is the following:

  • The only way to have a successful blog is if you're famous before or can write a DIY blog. Nice, I'm a nobody and bring nothing to the table except my opinions. Which nobody cares about, apparently.
  • Nobody can make a living by blogging so you can just stop trying. Best of all, never started in the first place.
  • The only exceptions to point 2 are bloggers who blog about How To Blog and Get rich blogging. Well, how ironic is that. 

So, the best thing for me to do is to just forget about this.
I'm not going to do that because I discovered something else:
When I started my English blog I had no idea what to blog about. I just sat down in front of the computer. Then my fingers started hammering on the keyboard.
I lost my job awhile ago after being subjected to workplace bullying for five years. I was so angry it was making my life miserable. And I began writing about this under the freedom of another language and semi-pseudo name.
It was the most boring blog on the planet! And of course, nobody read it. I understand perfectly, I wouldn't want to read such angry and bitter blog myself.
But I began to feel better. A whole lot better. Just putting things in perspective, wording them and putting them 'out there' have been unbelievable therapeutic. And I totally believe that me feeling so much better is better for my family than bringing in a lot of money.
I have also discovered other blogs and other bloggers. I see what other people are doing, feeling and coping in the world. I'm not alone in being subjected to a horrible boss. And then there is laughter. A lot of laughter.
So, I'm going to continue blogging. And hopefully it is no longer the most boring blog in the world:)

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