Blogging ... a little about me.

I have two Blogs ... I use to have more, a photography one, pregnancy one... blah blah - deleted them. I also had started another blog at one time, never could figure out how to delete that one, couldn't find it if I tried. LOL...

But then there is the blog I have now, or my blogs I should say.

A PAGE IN MY BOOK .... is my blog. For me. To share what I want, pieces of my life, things I like, talk about TV shows, Movies, Books, whatever. This is just me to be me. The writer, photographer, scrapbooker, tv/movie watcher, game playing, family time spending, been through infertility, had 13 miscarriages and 4 live children - all of the male variety - and have one step-daughter, been through a divorce, dating after being off the market for over 10 years, meeting the man of dreams online of all places, starting over, falling in love, having a blended family, advocate for my kids, don't always have the right answers, me...

MY UNIQUE FLOWERS .... is my kids blog really. Well, more so two of my kids then ALL of them. Noah, my 7 year old, was born with a rare genetic disorder called Mosaic Trisomy 16 - it happens like Downs Syndrome where there is an extra chromosome. In Noah's case, there is an extra 16th chromosome in SOME of his cells. If the extra chromosome had been in all of his cells, he wouldn't be here, period. The "Mosaic" in the name means that it's not in all of his cells. I was told while I was pregnant with him he wouldn't live, period. If he was born alive, he would die in the hospital... and if by some MIRACLE he lived, he would be so mentally and physically delayed, "it wouldn't be worth it" ... well I told that DR that I didn't care. My exact words were....

"I will accept and love him for however long I have him and beyond. If it be for a minute, or a lifetime" ...

He was born 1lb 12oz ... and he amazed all the medical professionals that he came into contact with because he lived. Other then a few minor things (in prospective to what could have been) he was basically only in the hospital to gain weight, and he came home at 3lbs 10oz. Today he's 7, as I said, and you wouldn't know there was anything wrong with him unless I told you his story. He still has some medical stuff that goes on now and then, and I have a huge (realistic) fear of losing him. Everytime he gets really sick, I tend to go into panic mode. But I love him, he's such a bright light in our world and he is so smart. For what he lacks in size, he makes up for - in ATTITUDE! LOL..

And then there is my Nathan - my husband's and my first child together (my first two, Cal and Noah, were from my first marriage) ... Nathan we found out at our 20 week ultrasound that he has a cyst in his brain called a Dandy Walker ... he also had a 2 vessel cord. He was born at almost term, only weighing 3lbs 4oz. Then we learned that he has a high closed soft cleft palate (well at the time, it was he has a cleft palate, but since then we've learned that the membrane is there that is between the open mouth and the cleft in the muscle on the other side.) Now we have other things falling on us, he has mild scoliosis, and he is labeled Failure to Thrive. He suffers from migraines and recently started preventive meds for it - and his neurologist asked me to start keeping a daily diary on him - which is in the blog. He has possibly hypothyroidism, and the genetics team is thinking Russell-Silver Syndrome. He is going to be evaluated at the Autism Clinic even though we're thinking he's on the fence there - sociable but shows a lot of the other signs - and he is not talking at age 2. He also just failed his hearing screening.

There is so much going on with them at times.... I can't keep my head straight.

Anyway - those are my blogs. If you would like to check them out, feel free. If you would like to follow, I most likely will follow you also. I love meeting new people and making new friends.

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