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I haven’t been a blogger for very long, really. Sixty posts to be exact. Very short career so far, however I’ve come to see that there are two kinds of bloggers out here:

1. The bloggers who write to share, vent and keep an online diary. Maybe make a few friends along the way. Get some creative ideas or insight. Be a part of a community of intelligent and diverse women.

2. The blogger who is more of a “get as many followers as I can by giving away lots of stuff”. They get these followers to promote their site for them. To me, the second they stop giving away “baby bumpies” or “silly wipes”, they are history. There’s little “real content”. I think of this type of blogging as “self-marketing”. Marketing of thy self.

I should stop right there, but of course….I won’t. I am thinking there is a good chance I will lose some of my own subscribers after this post. But hey, to me a blog is for expressing my feelings and that’s what I’m going to do.

I come from a marketing/sales background. I come to a blog and see that it runs contests or transparent product reviews and it’s pretty much over for me. I don’t like being “sold to” at all. The little red “X” box gets clicked faster than you can say “Publisher’s Clearing House”.

And I think to myself ”does the XYZ company who makes this product really believe that this is creating great consumer interest?” Seriously. Do they think that “mommies” are that gullible? That easily swayed by what is basically a written infomercial? Come ON!

Hello, Mr President of XYZ? This is not creating a huge demand for your product. People are only interested in it if they think they will get it for free. Just thought I’d let you know. When it comes time for them to have to buy it……you’ve lost their attention.

Now having said all of that.

Nothing against the blogs who choose to pitch items. It’s just not for me. I have no interest nor the time to send 20 retweets, comment 15 times, follow you and then email you with a log of everything I’ve done just for the chance to win a “Silly Wipe”. I’m not interested in promoting your site just so I can now wipe my kid’s behind for a week, the “Green Way”.
I am not putting down the person who is asked by a company to review something, states that they were asked to review it, gives an honest, objective opinion and then gives one away as a reward to followers. These bloggers aren’t asking for 35 tweets, 15 retweets, 12 forwards, 515 comments, and 3 emails in order to “have more chances”. :::cough:::
What led me to write this post/rant? As of late I have had two “commenters” that shall remain nameless. These commenters don’t even bother to read the actual post they are commenting on. One such comment was “Today is my day to comment on my loyal followers blogs. Come see my new giveaway at ” Yay me. Blech. And delete you go.

Excuse me but that is rude. I’m not your billboard. You can prostitute your blog all you want…but don’t be soliciting here.

Okay, I’m done.

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