A little behind on getting my blog written today. I normally like to do it first thing in the morning but I had a substitute teaching job this morning and the blog just didn't get written.

I started the day off with a strength circuit courtesy of Best Body Bootcamp, a 3 mile run and a 2 minute plank. It was a great way to start the day!

I have blogging for a few weeks now and I am really having fun. Do I have a lot of followers, no, not yet. But I guess for now I am more looking at my blog as more of an online journal for myself that maybe some other people like to read too.

I am however, delving deeper into the whole social media world. I am getting more active on twitter and replying and retweeting and that is very fun.

Last night, I participated in my first tweet chat courtesy of Katy Widrick, who is also the host of the 28 day blog challenge I am participating in.

The tweet chat was great. This is how it works, if you are signed up with twitter, you go to a separate site called Tweet Chat and put in the address #fitblog (this is the one I used last night there are lots of tweet chats you can join). Then it is a series of instant messages between the participants answering pre-determined questions. Last night we took 10 minutes per question and it was over before I realized an hour had gone by.

I had fun tweeting back and forth and seeing everyone's answers. It also gave me a chance to visit other blogs and find some new people on twitter. It was very cool and I am looking forward to participating in another one soon.

I am liking getting more involved with social media. I am learning new things, finding new healthy recipes, and getting tips on workouts and runs. It is also nice to see everyone's triumphs and frustrations and realize that I am not the only one who experiences these things in my training and goal to stick with clean eating.

Looking forward to learning and seeing more as I continue to branch out into social media.

Question of they day

The most expensive...

The most expensive practical purchase I have ever made (not including a house) was the car we bought last year. That was by far the largest check I have ever written. I was so excited though, traded in my minivan for a Ford Flex.

The most expensive just for fun purchase I have ever made was my iPad. That is the most recent one I can think of. I didn't necessarily "need" it but I had been really wanting one. I bought one for myself and I love using it. Although, now I often find myself fighting my children to use it because they have realized it is more fun to play games on that then on my iPhone.

What is your most expensive?

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