Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was a good one. Mine was great.

Friday morning my firstDoor to Door Organics produce order was delivered and Friday night was very exciting because after months of entering theJaybird Sport daily giveaway for their awesome Bluetooth ear buds, I received an email that I had won! To be honest, I did not think people actually won those contests but instead it was just the company making up names everyday to get your email address to send you stuff. But alas I was wrong and I won a pair. If you have been reading my blog they have been on my wish list for quite a while. (Bittersweet and Dreaming, What is Advocare?) I can’t wait for them to arrive.

Saturday was a beautiful day and I went for a nice long run, got my haircut, took the dog for a walk and hung out with some cousins and played cards.

Sunday it was rainy so I hung around the house and got some cleaning done and caught up on a few things and ran a few errands.


Basil Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Last week I did an experiment to see how many calories I burn in a day. I have calculated my BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate). Your BMR is essentially the number of calories your body would burn if you stayed in bed all day. It is based off of your height, weight and age. Once you calculate your BMR you can use the Harris Benedict equation, which is a formula that uses your daily activity level and your BMR to calculate your daily calorie needs. So according to those formulas my daily calorie need is 1812 calories a day without exercise. So what this means is if I eat 1812 calories a day then I would never lose or gain a pound of weight again. Since I do exercise I would then add the calories I burn on to my daily calorie allowance and again if I never want to lose or gain a pound again then I would “eat” the extra calories as well. If I was looking to lose weight then I would make a calorie deficit, for instance subtract 500 calories from my daily total of 1812 which would allow me to lose a pound a week.

I decided to wear my Heart Rate Monitor all day for a week (not while sleeping) to see if this number is accurate. My Heart Rate Monitor shows me the calories my body is burning based on my heart rate. Here is how my week went:

Day Daily Calories Burned Exercise Calories Burned
Monday 2098 133
Tuesday 2452 670
Wednesday 1645 384
Thursday 1886 642
Friday 2021 366
Saturday 2141 1426
Sunday 1633 rest day


This was a somewhat typical week for me. I took the dog for a walk on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. I didn’t include that in exercise calories so that is why those daily numbers are a bit higher. Wednesday I was very productive but spent most of the day catching up on stuff which didn’t include too much activity and Thursday was probably my most typical day. I took an average of the of the daily calories burned and it was 1982. This number is pretty close to what the formula calculated so I am going to use this number now.

I am glad that I took the time to do this and I think I will do it once a year. Your BMR will slow down with age so I think it will be a good idea for me to make sure I am at the right levels.

Do you count calories? Have you ever calculated your BMR? Have you ever done an experiment like this?


Weekly Goals


Last week my weekly goals were

  • Do not push snooze – I did a good job with this goal. I completed all my workouts in the morning last week and did not snooze. It felt great to get back to my morning workouts. Truly a good way to start the day.
  • Clean and get the house back in order – I accomplished this goal as well. I cleaned the entire house, re-organized some areas. Now that I am caught up in the next few weeks I will tackle some painting.
  • Get back on track with Twitter, blogging and social media – this is a work in progress. I get busy during the day and although I check in on Twitter, Facebook and read the blogs that I follow, I do not always take the time to comment. So I will continue to work on this.


This weeks goals:

  • Continue to work on being active on Twitter, Facebook and commenting on fellow bloggers blogs. I am also going to try to spend a little time each day cleaning up my blog as well as updating my Recipes page with the recipes I have been listing on Tasty Tuesday.
  • Try to burn at least 400 calories a day with exercise. While doingbest body bootcamp, I complete the strength training workouts but don’t always do the cardio for that day since I run on the non-strength days. I don’t want to over tax my body with too much cardio but this week I found that walking on my treadmill at a high incline was a good way to increase my calorie burn as well as work on my leg endurance for hills. I am going to continue to do that or pair strength with a long walk outside.
  • Research more clean eating recipes. I was doing really good with this and have gotten back in to a rut of making the same things. Granted they are clean eating recipes but I still want to work on trying at least one new dinner a week. I have been doing great with breakfast but I need to get back to dinner recipes.

What are your goals this week?

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