Breastfeeding Bashing Has The Mayor Seeing Red!

Oh, hey, hi guys, just give me a second here….

(*grunting, wood scraping,*)….Almost there, SH** I think I pulled something…a quick little sweep, someone give a lift up here, & there we go….testing…(*blow blow*)
Oh how I’ve missed my soap box! I’m so happy to pull it out again. And despite the fact that I was even debating doing a post tonight at all, I was just smacked in the face with something on Twitter hard enough to make my eyeballs bleed & my wall to suddenly have a giant hole in it, just about the size of my fist….NO idea how THAT got there….odd coincidence, since I had immediately felt the urge to punch someone when I read this….& since I’m absolutely LOATHE to give it any credence at all by sending people to the link, I‘m not going to. It was brought to my attention by Baby Rabies, who was “all kinds of pissed off”….once I read it, all kinds of pissed off was the kindest thing that came out of my mouth. So fair warning, I didn’t censor myself as well as I normally might.

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