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I ate lunch in Brian’s car today by myself… with the windows down and K-Love blasting.  The boys spent time working in the yard and I went to Jersey Mikes for a turkey & cheese sandwich (don’t tell me any lunch meat rules).  I had a crisp, cold pickle on the side & I loved it.  I only fed myself.  No one talked to me.  No one asked me for anything.  I ate my lunch from start to finish without stopping one time & IT. WAS. GLORIOUS.  You should try it moms; its exhilarating!  And to anyone who ever feels bad for a person eating by themselves; don’t.  They are probably loving every second of it.  I’ve never done this before but it seriously might become one of my favorite things to do!  I discarded the evidence so that no one knew where I was or what I was doing but now that I think about it, I may have left behind the smell of fresh bread and pickles in Brian’s car… oops.  My lips are sealed.

So not that I’m rushing it, but over lunch, I couldn’t help but think that I’ll be halfway done with my 3rd pregnancy in 2 more weeks!  It definitely feels different when you share the news with the world at 5 weeks pregnant (like we did with the boys) vs. when you share the news with the world at 12 weeks pregnant (like we did for this pregnancy).  Here’s what’s going on:

Our little peanut…

Is 5 1/2 inches long.

Is busy flexing his/her arms and legs.

Is developing yawning and hiccuping skills.

Can hear us talking.

Is developing his/her sense of smell, taste, sight and hearing,

I feel like…

My belly button will pop out any time.

I’m carrying differently than I didn’t before…. More in my butt, hips and boobs.

I have a badonkadonk that is growing by the millisecond!

I ate Rocco & Roman’s mini football, and can hold it in my hands when I lay on my back.

‘I’ve got this!’ (regarding having another child)


Its nearing the time when we can find out peanut’s gender and everyone likes to ask me (& the boys) what we think we’re having.  Roman told me that I have a vagina in my belly and Rocco recently announced that we’re having a girl and he’s going to buy her socks with flowers on them.  So much pressure for a girl; yikes!  Most everyone likes to talk about it being a girl (probably bc we have 2 boys) and not many talk about it being another boy (except for the moms of 3 boys or 3 girls… I love their honesty!)  Honestly, I think its a little boy one day and a girl the next; I have NO CLUE!  I’m also still torn on whether or not we should even find out the gender and it doesn’t help that Brian is cool either way.  This time, we’re going to have the technician put the ‘results’ in an envelope so that we can open it by ourselves.  I can remember how impersonal it was to lay on my back with my shirt lifted and a total stranger telling us the gender of our baby.  I remember her telling us at the very end of our apt, then wiping my belly off, pulling my shirt down, printing the pictures, saying ‘Congratulations’ and sending us on our way.  It was such a whirlwind and didn’t even hit us as to what just happened until we left.

One things for sure; I love watching our little family grow and we’re so excited to see what God has planned for us!  Whatever it is, I rest in knowing that he/she will be the most perfect being for our family!


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