Busy Moms Fitness Club member who lost 53.9kg!!!

Mieke's Success Story
Sherah Reeves
A member of Busy Moms Fitness Club who shares her transformation success story....

I have always struggled with my weight. Growing up, I was always bigger than all the other girls and from an early age I was very aware of my
size in comparison to the teeny tiny girls around me. I now look back
and realise I wasn't too bad at all, but isn't that always the case!

Being very young when I fell pregnant and not aware of how to care (weight/health wise) for myself (as most women are with their first) and having watched too many movies,
where the pregnant woman would stuff her face full of all the “fun
foods”, because of the excuse “I'm eating for 2”... I began to

I weighed 70kg before I became pregnant and although I put on quite a bit of weight during the pregnancy, (87kg after pregnancy weight), it wasn't until afterwards,
when I became depressed, that my weight piled on...and on...and on...and
on...and, well you get the picture, until one day I weighed 119kg - my
heaviest! An extra 49 kilograms!! You can imagine how embarrassed and
disgusted I felt about myself.

I didn't want to go anywhere! I didn't want to leave the house, so I made things worse for myself by hiding away, with nothing to do except watch TV, eat and become a
“potato person”! I wanted to exercise but I didn't want to go for a
walk, because “how embarrassing, if someone saw me”, let alone join a
gym! So I used being a mum as an excuse to be too busy to go anywhere
for exercise, hoping I could find a way to lose weight and not have
anyone see me, and then one day I would emerge a
beautiful...skinny...butterfly! I tried any diet that promised quick
results, I ordered diets and exercise equipment off the infomercials,
hoping that I too would lose 10kilos in 10days! And sometimes (only
sometimes) I would lose some weight (never 10 in 10 though!). Most
times I would lose 10-15 kilograms, but I would always put it back on
and never get under the 100kg mark!

I would work hard for a while and then because the results did not work fast enough I would have a “feel sorry for myself day” where I would overindulge in all my
favourite fatty, sugary foods...followed by a “I hate myself for giving
up” indulgence day...followed by a “I'm never gonna be slim again”
indulge day... then the next few days were a “I'll start next week”
where I really, really, really over indulged...”because I'm going to be
on my diet soon and won't get to eat this stuff for AGES!”...ages of
course being the next time I had a feel sorry for myself day (which
mostly came Wednesday the following week!)

I was an emotional eater!

My depression was not something I could ignore if I wanted to lose weight and keep it off. My weight was a sign of my depression...not the other way around! So I went to my
doctor and I also prayed for help to find a way to achieve my goals. One
Sunday my friend Samantha and I hung out before we went to church
together. We got all nicely dressed, she did my hair and makeup and we
had a picnic with our kids. It was a lovely day together, but the whole
time I was feeling gross and yuck about myself.

By the time we got to church my feeling yuck and gross had turned into me hating myself for what I had done in letting myself get this way. Sam and I were passing notes to
each other, (for some odd reason), and I wrote down on the scrap piece
of paper, “I hate myself being this fat, I want to lose weight but I
can't do it on my own. Please help me!” I thought my friend would look
at me sadly because I was feeling so low...but instead, when I looked
at her, my bubbly, beautiful friend was beaming!! She got all excited
and said YES, and then started writing down what “the plan” was!

The next morning, Sam brought her mum Toni around to my house and we went for a walk. There were lots of hills in our area and that day – actually the first few weeks – we
(I) only made it up the first hill, which took 20 minutes up and
probably a bit less back down (considering it's much easier to go down a
hill then up it). We were waisted by the time we got home (well Sam
wasn't, it was just a nice stroll to her... Oh and BTW, she was pregnant
at the time too!)

We went every morning Monday to Friday, and Sam printed up a whole bunch of meal tables, so that I could write down what I was eating and stuck them in a journal for me. We
wrote down my height and weight, along with my goals. I also had to
write how I was feeling that day. On Fridays I had a “treat day” so
that I had no excuses to overindulge and start next week, because all I
had to do was say to the chocolate...and chips...and cake...and
McDonalds...and...(you get the picture again??) that I COULD wait to
have them on Friday...and I still do this today, so that I don't over
indulge and land back in fatso Mieke town again (except now, I changed
my treat day to Saturday, because I realised since it's the weekend,
with nothing to do, I have more time to eat...and eat...and eat...and
eat). Sam and Toni walked with me every week day for 5 months. During
this time, I went down to about 89kgs - I was finally out of the
hundreds!! When Sam had her baby and Toni left for Australia, Sam made
sure I had a friend every morning to keep me company until she was able
to get back into it again with me.

Other friends started walking with us and people driving that route became used to seeing us walk every morning and were our unknown supporters and they'd beep out and
wave to us. I started walking in August 2005. Now, I am self motivated
enough that I can exercise without having to have someone come with me
or I might give up!

I still love exercising with my friends, it makes it feel not like exercise. The way we chat, it's like a therapy/exercise mouth and body session, so I feel lighter in more
ways than one.

These days I run Monday and Friday, do circuit classes Tuesday and Thursday and then do swimming training or running on Wednesdays! I have my girls with me most of
these days and I know that without the support of my friends, especially
Sam, I would still be in “fatso Mieke town” (which is a very sad
town!) Today I weighed myself at 65.1kg (I'm 172cm tall so it's a good
weight), which is 53.9kg from my heaviest... Holly Banana's!!! That even
shocks me now I see it that way!

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