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It was one of those days that you start off wishing you could just stay in bed and sleep and skip the next couple of days because you KNOW they will be hellish. My car blew up the night before. The coolant emptied and I drove it while it was overheated. So it didn’t technically blow up like an explosion, but it may as well have because it was a super scary experience and being the paranoid driver that I am, I always overreact in those situations.  

My old Ford was toast and needed to be laid to rest because I couldn’t afford the repair and it really wasn’t worth it because the car was old. The worst part of the entire scenario is that I just got a new job a couple of months before this incident and one of the requirements was: *MUST have driver’s licence and a vehicle. Also, just prior to getting the job, my relationship ended. Totally unrelated to this incident, but I already felt like I was going to have a mental breakdown at any moment. I was a mental mess. I didn’t know what I was going to do... except cry. I cried a lot.

I have an Aunt who is more like a BFF. She and my Uncle have saved my ass more times than I’d like to admit. They are like my guardian angels here on earth.  I hated asking them for more help, but I had nowhere else to turn. I told them about the predicament that I was in and without hesitation they offered to lend me a car that they purchased for one of their children AND help me find a new, reliable vehicle. I was overjoyed and felt an overwhelming sense of relief!

That day I went to work vehicleless. My boss was fine with it, temporarily. My Aunt picked me up from work and the plan was to bring me home and her hubby would pick her up from my place and take her home. YAY! Well, during our drive home my cell phone rang. It was my son’s rugby coach. “Josh has been hit in the throat and seriously injured. We have already called an ambulance to pick him up.” My heart jumped up into my throat and I remember telling the coach that I was just a few blocks away from the school and that I would be right there. My Aunt was driving and when I told her what happened to Josh, she stepped on IT! Then, I had a meltdown right there and then in the passenger seat of that car. I THREW my hands up in the air, looked up and screamed... “CAN IT GET ANY WORSE?!”

Before I knew it, we were at my son’s school. My Aunt got me to the school in record time. It was like we were super moms to the rescue! The ambulance was just about to leave the school with my son. Without thinking about how dangerous it was, I jumped out of the car and ran in front of the ambulance waving my hands like a lunatic screaming “I’m his MOM! I’M HIS MOM!! LET ME IN!!”. Thankfully the driver stopped and I ran around to the back and started pounding on the door. The door opened and I sprang into the back of that ambulance like a mama kangaroo! There he was, my poor baby boy. His face was drenched in tears and he was in serious pain. I started balling and just held his hand.

When we arrived at the ER, Joshy had calmed down. He couldn’t talk very well, but just enough to assure me he was ok. When we got out of the ambulance, I was lectured a little bit about my stunt mama shenanigans. “Yeah, sorry about that. Thank you for stopping.” I said with a half smile. The paramedic half smiled back, but I could tell that he was not impressed. I’m sure I scared the living sh!t right out of the poor guy.

Joshua was seen by the medical team and sent to X-Rays immediately. It turned out he suffered a small fracture in one of the bones in his throat, but he was fine. They sent him home with some pain meds and the ER doc ordered him to take it easy and not play rugby until he was seen by his family doctor and given the OK. I was so grateful. I called my Aunt, who was waiting for my call at my house and let her know she could pick us up.

Josh and I waited patiently in the ER waiting room for my Aunt to arrive. All of a sudden I could hear what sounded like an excessively loud Harley in the parking lot. It was loud enough that it startled me. When I looked out the window, there was no Harley in sight. However, I did notice that my Aunt had pulled up. She got out of the car and met us at the door. “You know how you threw your hands up in the air and yelled ‘CAN IT GET ANY WORSE’??” She blurted out huffing and puffing. “Ummm yeah.” I answered. “Well you shouldn’t have asked that question because the exhaust system just fell off the car on my way here!”

Needless to say, the ride home was embarrassingly loud and I’m surprised that we didn’t get pulled over.  At one point I remember my Aunt and I looking at each other and we busted out in crazy laughter. It was all we could do and it was better than crying.

The rest of the story is longer than this and things were chaotic for a few weeks, but my life changed for the better in a lot of ways because of this incident. However, the moral of the entire story at this point was already apparent... It CAN always be WORSE and screaming at the powers that BE just might result in proving that point. Lesson learned and I remind myself every day that it CAN always be worse!

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