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Homes everywhere need cleaning - but few homeowners have the time and energy required to scrub surfaces day in and day out. Mom’s, in particular, are overburdened - and as a result, many are turning to semi-regular cleaning so that their place stays spotless.…

Baby Showers: The Next Big Thing

Like so many modern celebrations, Baby Showers have arrived in the UK from North America. It’s a real tradition over there and, like High School Proms, Halloween and Black Friday, one of those exciting social events that is catching on big time over here.

The idea is simple but universally appealing. Throw a party for the pregnant mother and her…

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Fran Drescher is known for her unforgettable role as the eccentric Fran Fine on the 90s hit TV series The Nanny. Today, she is making waves for a very different role—a cancer survivor and women’s health advocate. 

Fran’s Story

In 2012, Fran wrote Cancer Schmancer, a book detailing her cancer survival story. From misdiagnosis, to doctors telling her she was “too young, too thin or eating too much spinach” to have cancer, Fran was finally diagnosed with uterine cancer two years later. After feeling betrayed by her body and the medical community, Fran took the opportunity to share her story. In the process, she learned she was far from the first woman to go through this experience.

Fran began the Cancer Schmancer Movement to transform women from patients into medical consumers. The movement is based on providing women with the knowledge and resources necessary to make lifestyle changes that help protect them from cancer.

She also started the Cancer Schmancer Foundation, which is dedicated to shifting the nation's priority from searching for a cure to cancer toward prevention and early detection of cancer. The foundation’s mission is based on promoting early detection, prevention and policy change.

Prevention & Early Detection

The American Cancer Society reports that early detection of cancer can lead to more effective treatment. By giving women the tools they need to read the signs and symptoms of cancer, early detection is more likely. Cancer Schmancer offers “Cheat Sheets” with information about the risks and warning signs of common cancers.

Knowing what to do when we think we have cancer symptoms is equally as important. We may know something is wrong, but don’t know what questions to ask, and how to find answers. Learn how to Prepare for the Doctor, including information you should know about your family history and a list of general questions to ask your physician during an appointment. 

Experts agree that 90% of cancer is caused by environment and lifestyle. By throwing a Trash Cancer party, you can Detox Your Home of personal care, household, skin care, makeup and other products that contain cancer-causing and hormone disrupting ingredients.

The Cancer Schmancer website is loaded with articles, direct connections to advice through Ask the Doctor and Ask the Nutritionist, and health care information including health care phone numbers and personal stories to equip women with everything necessary to battle cancer before, during and after diagnosis. 

Policy Change

The Cancer Schmancer Foundation was instrumental in passing 2007's Gynecologic Cancer Education and Awareness Act, which provides programs to increase the awareness and knowledge of gynecologic cancers for women and health care providers. Their next mission is to pass the Carcinogen-FREE Label ACT, which establishes programs in the executive branch to permit the labeling of certain products that do not contain any carcinogens. This bill will help consumers make healthier choices and, through purchasing power, dictate trends that influence the formulas of household products and food.

This article brought to you by The Healthy Home Company.

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Comment by Ashley Owen on September 22, 2014 at 1:31pm

This article really hits home for me. I lost a grandmother and my mother-in-law to Leukemia. Unfortunately, at the time I was not as educated on ways to help them improve their health. I'm so thankful for people like Fran Drescher who have brought awareness to cancer. It is my mission to make sure I educate my sweet little boys on making wise food choices along with other choices that affect our body like body washes, toothpaste, and many more.

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