I believe the battle of mathematics in the Beck household is now over *for now anyway*. When homeschooling it's all about trial and error and sometimes more error. Then you will hit a speed bump and stare at your child wondering "Am I doing the right thing?"
Phil and I have always been very upfront and honest with Logan because well, we have to be. He knows when we are trying to sugar coat a situation which in return makes it worse. His intelligence takes us off guard at times. We have a 9 year old but his mind functions well beyond that, the spectrum side of him. We talk to him like an adult and explain things the best we know how without going out of the boundaries of what a true 9 year old should know. As his Mother I converse with him in an adult matter but as his Teacher for some reason, especially at math time, I want to teach/treat him as a 9 year old and go by the workbook. I have to realize that I am confusing my child beyond belief and the frustration levels were becoming quite tiresome for both of us. As his Mother I finally threw my hands up and said "What do you want to do then?" Logan proceeded to find on his online curriculum 5th Algebra problems, good thing for him I know how to do those:-) He was basically right before my eyes self teaching himself how to multiply fractions and divide decimals problems. He was pulling equations out of word problems like he had been doing them for years. At that moment I realized that I had been holding him back, Logan's teacher was treating him like a 9 year old but in fact his Mother treats him older than that. I sat back and the look of sheer enjoyment and accomplishment fail across his face. The harder the problem the more he liked it.
I have always tried to incorporate other subjects such as Philosophy and Art History which he absolutely loves! Go beyond the basics because that is who Logan is, he craves knowledge so like in Short Circuit he needs more input so I give him more input:-) The other parts of homeschool life were flowing fine it was just math that was killing us now I see my error was causing unnecessary trials. I am so stoked that I get the pleasure of watching my child learn and grow, I get to be part of that.
Now that's not to say that he doesn't breakdown from time to time but we get through it because as his Mother and Teacher I will continue to push him because I know he can do it but I will also nurture when those tears of frustration come falling down. I will hug him and tell him "It's OK, take a breath and let's try it again." The white flag has emerged and we continue to conquer the challenges of each day but at the end I know it's not about the battle but ultimately the war in which I believe we will end victoriously!

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