Celebrate Martin Luther King and Butterfly, Born January 15th!

January 15th is synonymous with two things: the birth of the great Martin Luther King and the birth of Exactly one year ago on January 15th, 2009, Terry and I stood proudly in the home of Malaak and Chris Rock, who embrace Butterfly's mission, and stated the following in front of Butterfly's amazingly talented contributors, family and dear friends. Here is what we said:

"It is quite ironic that today, January 15th, we celebrate the birth of a man who fought for opposing races to coexist harmoniously. Here we are, nearly 50 years later… moms fighting for two opposing entities to coexist harmoniously, work and family or as some may say, personal and professional aspirations.
You see, we all have a dream.

Malaak Compton-Rock has graciously opened her home tonight in support of our dream to provide resources and solutions for mothers. Malaak is the ultimate Butterfly. She is a remarkable mother and wife, was named Philanthropist of the Year and is the Founder of The Angelrock Project, an e-village promoting everything to do with service and social responsibility.

Thank you to the wonderful women in this room who have inspired us on our own personal journey… our content providers and programmers who worked tirelessly to turn our concept into a reality, our sponsors and potential partners who recognize the power of Butterfly and its community of mothers and to our husbands who stepped up to encourage us follow our dream.

If Martin Luther King can succeed so too can we.”

Butterfly's success in 2009 was measured by a growing community of smart and savvy women that now totals nearly 3,700 mothers from all walks of life. The content within Butterfly's pages receives over 100,000 page view a month by members and non-members alike representing over 112 countries. Women sharing struggles, dreams, accomplishments and offering support to one another as we all continue to journey together.

We launched Butterfly in the midst of one of the worst recessions of all time and were saddened to see that eleven months later there has been little improvement in the economy- a staggering 85,000 jobs were lost this past December alone. We need one another, and Butterfly, now more than ever. As a result, Terry and I will be offering a teleclass for those of you with online wishes and financial dreams. We have sought out one of the most talented SEO (search engine optimization) and online experts in the industry and will be offering a class, "The Web for Working Moms; 27 Free or Low-Cost Ways To Get an Extra $300- $500 per month." He is going to cover everything you need to begin making extra income online, working from home- or anywhere else you have internet access, using low-cost and often FREE tools that anyone can learn to use. The best part is that he is offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. To pre-register for this limited enrollment at our negotiated rate, just for you, of $47 (regularly $97) reply to Terry Starr.

Watch our January "Mom Mentors" reveal how they do it all in these exclusive featured videos of Dina Manzo, star of Real Housewives of NJ, and Gina Garrubbo, EVP of BlogHer. And, while you're there, buy yourself an early Valentine's present in Butterfly's Shop to benefit Multiple Sclerosis, a Butterfly pendent necklace. You deserve it. Here's to another memorable year spent together.

G-d we love this "job". Do you love yours?

Bradi and Terry
Mothers, Wives and Workers
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