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Mom Organization Skills 101

There is no greater reward than being a mother, but believe me, for all those expecting moms out there, you sure do have your work cut out for you in order to earn that reward. It was only when I had my second child that I realized, being prepared for any scenario was better…

How Do I Choose the Best Professional Cleaning Service

Keeping your home clean can be an exhausting task, especially if you have to squeeze it in between the chaos and work and keeping your family in line. And if your life feels like it’s nothing but cleaning and tedious chores, perhaps it’s…

How to Keep Your Pool Clean Without Using Chemicals

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and if you haven’t done it already, you are probably getting ready to open your pool and start the swimming season. Having a pool in your backyard is wonderful, but it requires quite some effort before you…

Chair Makeover Reveal AND Weekend Blog Hop

So, this week I am in the process of re-decorating my living room.  I'm going from green to gold, which is perfect for Wisconsin.  However, I'm not quite ready to do my big reveal.  I do have some Before shots below, as well as some teaser After shots on one of my refinishing projects.  I'd love to have you come back and watch my progress throughout the coming week as I reveal more finishing touches.

Last week I showed you before pictures of my living room. 
This week I've been working like mad to finish up some painting and projects for a big reveal, but I'm not quite there yet.  I chose to buy a store brand of paint this time that didn't have a primer in it and I'm kicking myself.  Two gallons of paint thus far, and I'm still going to have to add another coat of paint all around.  NOT fun!  But, alas... it needs to be done.
I've also been putting finishing touches on the chairs, table and bookshelves that I bought at garage sales over the last couple of weeks.  So, while this is not the final reveal, I will give you a teaser of the final touches.  Here is the before and after of the chairs and table...

So there you have it... that is part of what I've been working on this week.  Stayed tuned, because I hope to reveal more soon.  Deadlines sure don't work good when you have two kids with a busy schedule!

Welcome to Week # 4 of Weekend Blog Walk... a blog hop at a snail's pace- perfect for the weekend.  All Weekend Blog Walk link-ups can be found under the Weekend Blog Walk tab to be perused at your leisure.  You will find some GREAT blogs!

Time to link up- Weekend Blog Hop #4

This week's Featured Host is Kim from Mommie Again.  Kim is an honest blogger and I love that about her.  I had to read this one again when I was looking for a couple blog posts to mention: Who Sleeps in Your Bed At Night?  What an awesome conversation starter and let me say... we occasionally have a couple dogs and a kid in ours, but more often than not we're down to one.  Now that we've taken down the bunk beds and moved one of the beds to the office/playroom, one of our Labs likes to hang out in there.  The other one still likes to sleep under our bed most of the night.  Yes, a 65-pound Black Lab scooting under a bed... I know.

Check out some of Kim's favorite posts, and be sure to leave her a sweet comment while you're there:

Wordless Wednesday ... can you say cute?
My Yoga Retreat Weekend... how relaxing!
Goody Box Giveaway... yum!

Ready to link up?  We're happy to have you here and to get to know you better!

The Rules
1. Follow At Home Take 2 and this week's Featured Host Mommie Again.  Please leave a comment if you are a new follower so we can be sure to check out your blog.  I try to check out all the blogs that link up as time allows, but do find it easier to follow back if you leave a comment.
2. Interested in being a Featured Blogger? I am randomly selecting blogs to feature on Weekend Blog Walk.  If you are featured, I would love if you could post about being featured on Weekend Blog Walk, the rules and code for the link up.  
3. Grab the Weekend Blog Walk button if you'd like.  The more it gets out there, the more blogging friends we will have to link up with us... meaning more for you to follow and more to follow you.
4. Have fun and check out as many blogs as you can... remember a blog hop is only successful for you if you check out other blogs, comment and find some that interest you and follow them.  They will do the same for you.

Weekend Blog Walk

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