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Cheap Board Games for Kids

One day after school, I took the munchkins out for a treat. It was a sunny day and, as you may know, sunlight can do wonders for a person's mood! We stopped for a snack of cheese fries and ice cream- not the healthiest snack, but it's nice to splurge occasionally ;) After we'd filled our bellies and satisfied our cravings, we walked over to a Goodwill store nearby. The plan was to find me a good book since they are so inexpensive there and I LoVe to read, but we ended up checking out the board game section. Did you know that you can find some cheap board games for kids at second-hand stores? Like extremely discounted prices?!

It's true. Of course, it's important to verify that all the pieces are included in the packaging, but this has been one of the ways that we've built up our board game collection. Stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers, or even smaller chain thrift stores supply everything from clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, electronics, and kid activities for next to nothing. Trying to save while providing entertainment for your children? This is definitely one way to do it!

Bikes, books, board games, action figures, puzzles, electronic games, educational games, and more are available for the picking! It's also a good idea to bring the kids along and, while either having a price point in mind or giving them a specific amount, allow them to choose which games they're interested in. By choosing, they are more likely to actually play with their purchases. Clutter is NOT the name of the game that you want to invest in.

If you are looking to add to your adult board game collection- they provide games for us bigger kids, too! Saving while buying and giving hope while getting quality activities for your family is one of the biggest perks of purchasing from second-hand stores. Many of these businesses give a percentage of their earnings to those who have little and are in need of assistance. It feels good to know that your little purchase is helping someone else. Be sure to share this with your children so that they can enjoy that great feeling too!

Playing board games is an easy way to spend time together as a family. While online games are great, they don't promote a lot of face-time interactions that are necessary for building interpersonal connections... and it's nice to just mix things up every now and then. Have some free time? Grab the kids and head out to your nearest thrift store for a time of board game shopping. Then make a family night of it, enjoying your treasured finds!

What are some of your family's favorite board games? We enjoy Connect Four and Sequence :)

Like what you've read? There's more! ;)

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