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Chicken: It's What's for Dinner...Again...



I swear it is like the Twilight Zone for me.

Every single night, 2 hours before dinner, I am wracking my brain, while the nagging question crawls all over me like a million tiny spiders- WHAT WILL I MAKE FOR DINNER TONIGHT?? I rock back and forth, with a pool of my sweat and tears collecting on the floor around me, as the kids bounce about endlessly, screaming,

“we’re huunnnnnngry! What’s for diiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!?!?!?!?!?!?”

In my nearly manic state I manage to squeak out, “ch…ch…chicken…” to which they say, “yuck I don’t LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE chickeeeeeeeeeen!”

Couple that with finding out that John Mayer’s Bold as Love is just a cover of a Jimmy Hendrix song, and the pain is almost unbearable.

I run to my Happy Place!!


Since we don’t eat out any more, or order out, (hubby makes the BEST home made pizza on Sundays, PTL!) I am making dinner every night of the week, and I must admit, it drives me insane. Mostly because I have an "apartment" stove (translation, a piece of crap) and it challenges me everyday by refusing to heat the coils or by burning the food to a crisp. I miss my new gas stove (sigh) and my huge kitchen (wimper!) and the lovely island I used to prepare at (before we became poor college students, SOB!) but I digress…I HAVE a stove so…no more blubbering…

Now after all of that, I am sure it is hard to believe that I actually like to cook, but really, I do. I have about 35 dinners on my cupboard that I coordinate grocery lists with so we can rotate through quite a few dinners. They all take about the same amount of time, which is about 45 minutes (Rachael Ray I am not).

So of course, with all of this cooking going on, cost of ingredients comes into play, as well as the actual ingredients, as well as my feeble attempts at keeping my fragile sanity. Because of this, chicken, is my friend, my BFF (Best Food for the Family) if you will.

I don’t normally want to eat my friends, but this friendship is one-sided, with a minimal internal temperature of 170.

I buy the frozen, boneless, skinless breasts at Sam’s and can make several different chicken dishes with them, because you can start cooking them while they are still frozen, and I never have to worry about being out of ready-to-use chicken! In fact, half of my recipes I rotate through are chicken, and the rest are divided up between organic beef, fish (or shrimp), and some turkey and pork dishes. If my hubby didn’t give me the wonderful break on Sunday’s with his AMAZING pizza, I would truly go insane. Wait…

So, I thought, I would share with you all, 15 of my chicken recipe TITLES. Then, I want someone, anyone, to go back to this post, read it, and share with me a fantastic, yet easy recipe? Please? Then, if you like, let me know if any of the recipes down below sound good, and I will share it with you. And, if you have any other good chicken recipes, let me know!

Tonight I am making my lemon chicken with artichoke hearts and capers. If I had some mushrooms, I would add those! I serve this chicken over pasta and sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese…it is just delish…

So c’mon y’all, DISH!!!

1. Simple Baked Chicken

2. Chicken Parmesan & Pasta

3. Chicken Enchiladas

4. Malibu Chicken

5. Teriyaki Chicken w/ Broccoli

6. Chicken Fajitas

7. Fettuccini Chicken (and shrimp) over Pasta

8. Pad Thai with Chicken (and shrimp)

10. Stir-fry Chicken w/ Rice

11. Italian Chicken Cutlets w/ Veggies

12. Chicken Salad Sandwiches

13. Lemon Chicken w/ capers and artichoke hearts over Pasta

14. BBQ Chicken

15. My FAMOUS Chicken Soup (this is my personal fave)

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