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I would guess that NO MATTER WHAT your stance on any issue out there - be it breastfeeding, working, guns, school vouchers, and so forth, all of us moms can agree that child abuse sucks. We can also agree that child endangerment, of any level, also sucks. We want our children to be safe from harm, wherever that harm may come from. And as we learn once we have children, there is danger lurking everywhere, from choking hazards, illnesses, and sadly, even from people they know and love.

Y'all know that I am a passionate advocate and activist for maternal, newborn, and child health issues.

I write monthly articles for parenting publications about relevant and pertinent issues related to children and their health. It is a passion that was spurred when my own infant passed away, and now I do what I can to be an advocate for babies and children. While researching these issues, I came across the Children's Trust of South Carolina website.

Now don't you wander away from this post if you don't happen to live in South Carolina. Because the resources page they have is applicable to all parents ANY WHERE trying to keep their children safe - from a whole slew of things!

The mission of the Children's Trust: "Strengthen and support public and private prevention efforts that keep South Carolina’s children safe."

As a mom advocate, (or a Momvocate as I call myself!) I feel that is my mission too! (I would argue most of us feel that way, right?)

Childrens trust

Per their website:

Children’s Trust is South Carolina’s leading advocate and resource on issues that impact children and families.

We work to improve the lives of all children, especially those most vulnerable and their families, by supporting and advancing policy at the state and federal level. Our main focus is prevention and early intervention, with an emphasis on child maltreatment and safety.

Important Health and Safety Topics

The Children's Trust has been a part of prevention and reduction of child abuse in South Carolina for the last 30 years. But the agency focuses on so much more -- the Keeping Kids Safe page has ideas and topics on all health and hazard issues and focuses on injury prevention for the whole family, from safety on All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) all the way to Water Safety, and everything in between. If you're looking for prevention and safety tips on just about any topic, you should be visiting the Keeping Kids Safe page!

Cool Resources for Parents

The Children's Trust also participates in neat nationwide program called Text4Baby where pregnant moms can sign up to receive text messages each week about the stages of development of their baby. Another program you may be familiar with -- Pinwheels for Prevention.

If you Live in South Carolina

This organization is committed to keeping our children safe -- but it costs a lot of money to keep moving these programs forward. Each year, the Children's Trust hosts a Gala event to raise money for the organization and their many programs to support safety and prevention programs for our children here in South Carolina.

This year the focus of the Gala is celebrating 30 Years of Child Abuse Prevention. The (Black Tie optional) Gala will be held Saturday, August 23, 2014 at the Columbia Marriott, 1200 Hampton Street from 6 – 11 p.m. There will be live music and heavy hors d'oeuvres, plus a silent auction with an amazing list of items. You can find out more about the Gala, buy tickets, and check out the auction items on the Children's Trust Gala Page.

Be a part of something fantastic! Attend the event, make a donation, share their programs and information with your mom friends ... make a difference.

If You DON'T Live in South Carolina

You can still make a difference!

Check out their resources pages, check out the information on the Gala - and share it. Who knows - you may have friends or family in South Carolina that may want to attend or donate or get involved!

Join me and MOMVOCATE! (see now I"m using it as a verb!) Are you a momvocate? My close friend Jennifer is, and she inspires me daily! And of course, the whole community of Social Good Moms!


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