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Choosing the best breast implant placement option.

Breast implantsare fabricated by different organizations in many varieties of content (or filler), base width (distance across), volume, shape and surface texture to suit your individual needs. Picking the correct implant and producer is along these lines key to a fruitful breast enhancement surgery. As part of the pre-operative consultation process our surgeon will utilize his broad experience and cosmetic masterfulness to help you choose the ideal implant. The following elements will help in the decision making process:

  • Capsular Contracture

In light of clinical trials, it is felt that setting the implant either partially or totally underneath the chest muscle can significantly decrease the rate of capsular contracture or shrinking and tightening of the scar tissue. This is thought to be an improvement placement of the implant on top of the muscle. Be that as it may, given current findings, it is not guaranteed that any certain placement will prevent capsular contracture. Another recommendation has been the utilization of textured implants. While these implants may reduce Capsular Contracture, they have been found to prompt to rippling on skin of the breast. Few doctors would argue that the main cause of skin rippling is because of failure to properly fill the implant with saline. To peruse more on implants, both textured and smooth, please see All about Breast Implants.

  • Ripple Effect

To avoid the unnatural ripple effect of your breasts post surgery, your doctor may recommend the breast implants to be placed either over the chest muscle or behind the muscle (less chance of rippling effect). This is particularly valid if you have minimal breast tissue going into surgery. Utilizing the chest muscle gives some padding to use with the existing breast tissue to cover the real implant and give all more natural appearance and reduce the possibility of a ripple effect on the skin's surface.

  • Mammograms and Implants

Regardless of having a breast augmentation, you will at still need to have general mammograms as part of your routine yearly examinations. However improved technology advances with time, many doctors still recommend that breast implants be placed either partially or fully beneath the chest muscle leaving the breast tissue clear to fully read mammography results.

  • Sagging after Implants

Many doctors concur that implants will sag as you age. This is due to the skin elasticity and general ageing process. By putting the implant partially into or fully behind the chest muscle, the breast implant may have more support which would result in less sagging of the breast and implant as time passes by. However, this is not guaranteed and sagging may still occur regardless of the implant placement.

  • Appearance

The following is only a guideline assist you with discuss topics at your consultation with yout surgeon:

*Placement over the chest muscle is possible if you currently have enough tissue to totally cover the implant. A natural look is still possible. For more data, make certain to visit Choosing Breast Implant Size.

*If you need adequate breast tissue or yearning to be bigger than your natural breast size, it is best to have the implants placed either partially in or fully behind the chest muscle to have a more natural look.

*Women who are keen on bodying build may experience implant distortion or animation particularly with implants that have been placed behind the chest muscle.

* If you are currently encountering sagging or hanging of your natural breasts, it would be most beneficial to have a breast lift or mastopexy at the same time as your breast augmentation surgery. See which Breast Procedure is right for me? If you forgo the breast lift, the implant will align with the chest divider rather than the breast tissue and you will have what is called a ‘Snoopy Boob’ with the majority of your breast tissue sitting below the implant.

* If you are currently encountering breast ptosis (sagging), and you do not want to have mastopexy, it is recommended that you place your implants on top of the chest muscle or opt of teardrop shaped implants. However, depending on the severity of sagging, a breast lift may not be optional. 

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