$1 Margaritas Starting July 2 in All Applebees in Texas

Apparently crazy from the heat, Apple Texas, a franchise partner of Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar with 67 restaurants in the state, is making a bold move in the casual dining segment: offering its best-selling 10 oz. Margarita for a buck for an entire month. The aptly-named DollaRita is…

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Homes everywhere need cleaning - but few homeowners have the time and energy required to scrub surfaces day in and day out. Mom’s, in particular, are overburdened - and as a result, many are turning to semi-regular cleaning so that their place stays spotless.…

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Are you hosting a Cinco de Mayo party or maybe have a "Culture Day" at your kids school? Here are some fun and easy ideas that would be great to do with kids!

I have four boys and most of my friends have kids as well, so if we have a get together or party, I like to plan something for the kids to do.  I normally have board games, coloring pages and of course toys to play with but it's always nice to have something extra you can pull out to capture the kids attention and have them in a central station if you need. 

A great go to idea is to have cookies or cupcakes already baked and then let the kids decorate them.   Another fun idea is to set up a photo booth station, this is even great for the adults, check out my post on a DIY Cinco de Mayo Photo Booth.

Sombrero Craft

What you need:
Small paper plates, or bowls.
Small paper cups.
Hot Glue Gun
Pipe cleaners, pom poms, ribbon if you want. 

Glue the cup to a plate or bowl, the bowl looks more like a sombrero but a plate will work too.  A hot glue gun works faster, you can use regular glue it just takes longer to dry.  Glue the pipe cleaner around the bottom of the cup and decorate with pom poms or ribbon.  You could use these for the kids to hold chips or cookies, but I thought it's mostly for fun, to give them something festive to create.
You could even punch holes through these sombreros and turn it into a decorative banner.

Sombrero Cookies
What you need:
Round Sugar Cookies (store bought or homemade)
Gum Drop Candy
Frosting and Sprinkles

Bake your sugar cookies ahead of time so they are ready for the kids to decorate.  Apply frosting around the edge of the cookie for the hat brim, add sprinkles, dip the gum drop candy in frosting, stick to the center of the cookie.  
You could make these for a festive dessert, but I thought this would be an easy and fun thing to keep the kids busy too.  You could have most made, then have each child make their own to eat.  

DIY Maracas
What you need:
Plastic Spoons
Plastic Easter Eggs
Filler (Pasta, rice, popcorn kernels, dry beans)
Washi Tape

Fill your plastic eggs with noise maker items (Pasta, rice, popcorn kernels, dry beans).  I used macaroni noodles figuring if they came apart, they are big enough to clean up easily rather than rice.
Put two plastic spoons facing each other, place the egg in the middle, use washi tape or even blue painters tape and start wrapping around the handle, work your way up.  Let the kids have fun with these DIY Maracas.

Thank you for reading if you’ve enjoyed the content you’ve read above please share with your friends. 

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