To co-sleep or not to co-sleep, that is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler to sleep betwixt mommy and daddy 

or to sleep in one's crib from day one.

Oh, how I struggled with this. 

Robi mainly slept in his crib from the first day.  I would wake up, take him to the livingroom or sit up in bed, and nurse him -  until I grew comfortable nursing while lying down.  From then I struggled with the fact that I would fall asleep while nursing, which accidently caused me to *gasp* co-sleep - something that I had understood was strongly advised against because it might a) be dangerous to the baby and b) could create a habit I would later have to break.

Both of these reasons hold some value.  Yes, one who is a heavy sleeper may, God forbid, roll over on top of their baby.  And if one co-sleeps for months on end - yes, this could create a bad habit that may be difficult to break.

Since I am a) not a heavy sleeper (though at times I wish I was) and b) have no intention of allowing my 6-month old or toddler (or older) to sleep in my bed I decided to relax on this with Andrej.

For the first month he slept next to me all night.  It was so much easier!  I was a lot less exhausted with Andrej because never did get out of bed to nurse him, sit up, turn a light on...none of those things.  Thus, I never got to that "all-the-way-awake" stage and didn't have to fight to go back to sleep.  Which is good news for me, since I've also never been one to just fall asleep the moment I hit the bed.

My opinion on co-sleeping has changed somewhat.  I do not 100% advocate co-sleeping.  I do think that co-sleeping the first month can be helpful to both mommy and baby.  Offering mommy a greater chance at rest (which is alway needed) and baby more comfort and security.  However, I personally would never co-sleep for longer than that.

I am a firm believer that every child needs their own bed and should be perfectly comfortable and secure sleeping in their own bed.  This goes for mommy and daddy, too. They should have their own bed free of kidlets - and their bed should be in their own room.  How else can mommy and daddy get precious alone time?  God alone knows how little of that we get once kids come along!  

So, here I lie in the middle of the road....and I'm sure it's liable to get me run over by both sides.  *grin*  But now you know where I stand on this controversial topic.

Thank you for sharing...

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