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Last night was the third edition of my monthly get-together with my girlfriends and our kids to craft and enjoy a beverage or two: Cocktails and Crafts!



In case you're not familiar with how Cocktails and Crafts goes, it's very simple.  You find a group of friends who like to be creative and make a monthly date to get together!  Depending on your situation, you may want your crafts to be an activity for your kids, or you may just want an excuse for girl time.  You don't need to have kids to participate in C & C--it's for anyone who has a creative side!


Speaking of creative, it was my friend Katie's turn to host and provide the craft, and she is always my crafty wingman.  I knew her craft would be a simple and fun way to entertain our kids without causing too much chaos.  I also knew that she wouldn't screw her craft up, as I so often do, and so was glad to head to her house with just Jax in tow.  And of course, I was right.  Her craft was great fun and super easy!


The perennial favorite, Pine Cone Bird Feeders!



pine cone

peanut butter

popsicle sticks

bird seed





And don't forget your tasty beverage, alcholic or not!





This craft has only three steps to crafty happiness.


Step 1: spread peanut butter on the pine cone using a popsicle stick 




Step 2:  roll your peanut-butter-smeared pine cone in bird seed, dumping some on top for good measure, like sprinkles on an ice cream cone





Step 3:  hang your bird-seed-coated pine cone SECURELY with string/yarn/twine.  If you know me, I don't have to tell you that I did a haphazard job on this and that my pine cone slipped off within moments



Finally, you will have a bird feeder worthy of kings, made with love by your kiddos.



There were definitely some birdseed-dumping incidents, but we can all laugh off a good mess and enjoy our two-year-olds' obession with sweeping as form of entertainment.


Once the craft is done, hang out with your friends and revel in the fact that your kids are growing up and don't need you to play right next to them anymore.  They have fun on their own. 






Then it was time to put these kids to bed.  They are such great buddies; there was many a hug before we could go.


 My favorite photo of the night is of Jax and Andrew.  For two great friends, they just weren't in the mood to hug goodbye.  Hence the hands by their side/chest bump/lean.  Hilariously obedient and aloof.



Thank you to all my great friends for getting together once a month for an excuse to have a drink--I mean, get crafty (wink *).  And just so you won't worry about us, of the five of us there, I was the only one neither pregnant nor breastfeeding.  There was a lot of caffeine-free soda going on.  And although I brought most of the ingredients for sangria, I did forget the triple sec so we'll just save that cocktail for next month!



Cheers to another memorable night, a successful craft, and great friends young and old(er)!

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