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Coffee in the morning; wine in the evening

I used to have only a few cups of coffee every year. And then I started having coffee time with a friend of mine at work, so now I have coffee on a more regular basis. It's still not every day, but around once a week.

At first I was worried about the increase in my caffeine levels, but it turns out that the amount of coffee I drink per week probably negates the amount of wine I drink per week (which is also not a lot, but it's nice to have balance in my life without any additional effort.)

That's right - there is some preliminary research that indicates that coffee wipes out any negat.... Multiple studies also hint that additional cups of coffee can help reduce liver damage.

None of this means that you should try to indulge one way or the other - either with extra lattes or tumblers - thinking that you can easily wipe out the effects. Genes and other factors definitely play a role here and moderation is always key.

But it is nice to know that after having wine with dinner I can enjoy a coffee with some friends in the morning and not worry about either one.

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? Tell me in the comments.

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