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How to Support Children after a Diabetes Diagnosis

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Diagnosing Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy in Children

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I do have a few confessions this week yay!

Confession #1:

I have kept my poor daughter stuck in the house all week. We have bad colds and there is lots of snow and it is cold here. I do not want her getting sicker so we have just stayed inside.

Confession #2:

I am a bad mom who uses Netflix as a babysitter. Since I have been sick this week I got behind on school. I am feeling better and catching up now. I have let my child sit in front of Netflix WAY TOO MUCH this week.

Confession #3:

That leads to my third confession. My daughter is getting too much screen time and not enough one on one time. It is hard for me to give her one on one time this week because we can't go outside and that's where she wants to be. I will be making it up to her next week.

Confession #4:

My poor 3 year old has to have dental work done next week. I feel horrible but it is not my fault. I guess she just has weak teeth. She has a few cavities on her back teeth. She will get laughing gas and be numbed for one of the teeth. The child does love to fight me when it comes to teeth brushing time but the dentist said we could brush all we want these would have still happened. I will update about this next week.

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