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I have wonderful things to say about breastfeeding. In fact here are my top 5 reasons why I like breast feeding

•It lets you bond with your child
•It is cheaper than formula
•You give your child the antibodies they need
•It is the perfect food for your child
•It helps you lose the baby weight

You see … nothing but great things to say. Of course my sister in law holds the record … between her two children she has been nursing for 5 years straight.

I nursed my oldest for the first year of her life. I was experimenting with the whole stay at home thing and took the opportunity to bond with her during this time. It was easy and we both enjoyed it. I would smile in her face, she would smile in mine. It was a Hallmark moment - Like I said breast feeding is for me. What not for me is - PUMPING

Pumping or expressing my milk –whatever you call it – it still sucks (no pun intended)

Picture two scenarios – In the first scenario a woman is lovingly looking at her child. You see her rocking in an oversized chair. A sweet smile is on the women’s face. In the background you hear the soft purring sound of the child as she gets her nourishment. You feel the comfort... Lovely picture, right

Well - now picture a closet that’s about the size of a 10 X 10 room. There are shelves, a small refrigerator and for some reason the world’s largest collection of paper cups from various coffee shops. Next to the refrigerator is a rolling desk chair. The room has a fluorescent light bulb and is always 10 degree cooler than comfortable. Can you picture it – now picture a woman staring at the wall with a small generator, loud and obnoxious, attached to her chest. This is where I go and what I do twice a day, five days a week – in the name of motherhood

Last week I had a dress on, partially because I was really tired of wearing two piece outfits, but mostly because I look really cute in this dress. Anyway, I had to take off my entire outfit.

As I am sitting in this closet surround by paper goods, on a chair, in my underwear, with a sweater (I did at least have the sense to bring a sweater). I turn on the generator. And I start thinking or better yet empathizing with men at infertility clinics...

It’s the feeling that even though no one says anything … you are convinced that everyone know what you are doing, because let’s face it…they do.

My declaimer to this whole blog is that no matter what I will continue to go through these changes – because I know my kid is worth it.

However, I want, no I need someone, anyone to appreciate my commitment to this quest. Because like I said before Pumping sucks both literally and figuratively.

Only 8 months, 3 days, 4 hours and 15 minutes to go…

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