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As a mom of 2 boys, I’ve put together 2 construction parties to date!  The first party was for Rocco’s 1st birthday and it was a huge bash with family & friends from near and far.  The second construction party was for Roman’s 3rd birthday and it was a much smaller gathering with only our immediate families!  Regardless of the size, I still did the same things to make our boys feel special on their day!

Since I didn’t ‘blog’ 4 years ago, I thought I’d also include some pictures from Rocco’s Construction Party to give you a few more ideas if ever you should throw a CONSTRUCTION party for your little one!



Brian designed and created an invite for Rocco’s construction party that was very similar to this one with the same wording (And go figure, I can’t find a copy to scan in for you… I’m still looking)!  You can purchase this invite here but if you are proficient in Adobe Programs, I highly suggest that you DIY!


For our kids, it doesn’t take much to make them feel special: Streamers and Balloons always does the trick & we love to leave the decor hanging until the streamers droop and balloons deflate!

*SNACK TIP* Gather every and any toy dump truck you can find.  Clean and fill them, each with a different snack: M&Ms, Chips, Pretzels…


I always ask my kids what they want to eat on their birthdays… they can pick anything.  Its something my mom always used to ask us when we were kids (& still does!) and a little tradition I’ve started with my kids too!

This is the first year that Roman gave me a dinner request: Chicken, Mac & Cheese & Applesauce.  I bought cinnamon applesauce, made homemade macaroni and cheese and roasted whole chickens in the oven (*Butter, Garlic Powder, S&P, Parsley, Italian Seasoning- 350 for 90 min)!  He devoured it just like I knew he would!

For the adults, we made another roasted chicken and slow-cooked beef brisket in two crock-pots.  Along side, we served hot vegetables, macaroni, a garden salad and had plenty of other appetizers both hot and cold to munch on!

I would have loved to serve my mac & cheese like this (idea found here) but Roman wouldn’t give up a dump truck so I served it in a red 9×13 dish!  How cute is this?


I’m all about rolling with the kids requests on their birthdays!  For Rocco’s 1st Birthday, he (obviously) didn’t have many requests and I ordered him a dump truck cake!

Roman (on the other hand), had a specific cake request!  He wanted an ice-cream cake with blue sprinkles and jimmies “all around”!  And that’s just what he got!


The ideas below are not my own but ones I gathered for a fun construction toddler party!  My favorite idea was to have kids ‘dig’ in packing peanuts; minimal mess for indoor digging!  Since Roman’s birthday is in November, I never know what the weather will bring and just loved that idea for an indoor construction party!

For an outdoor construction party, a pile of dirt or sand to dig in would be perfect for little workers!  I also love to provide themed coloring pages and crayons for 2 & 3 year old toddlers who are waiting for their food and/or cake!

We’ve had our fair share of ‘huge’ birthday parties and have hosted other birthday parties with just our immediate family.  Over the years, I’ve learned that my kids don’t really do well when we have huge parties with tons of people.  Not to mention, its hard for me too, to focus 100% on my birthday boy while hosting a lot of people!

While I still don’t know what the ‘perfect’ number of guests is that would allow me to balance ‘mom’ and ‘hostess’, I do know that if I create the same hype for 10 as I do for 50, it will be just as special to my birthday boy!



Our little worker boy just loves all of his new gifts and had a blast celebrating with family!  Both of the boys spent the day after Roman’s party in their pj’s playing with all of the new toys!  Roman was blessed with all of his favorite things: diggers, dump trucks and bulldozers!!!


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Love your party ideas! Super cute! I'd love to follow you. Please check out my blog as I'm new to all this myself. Www.lifewithginag.blogspot.com

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