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Create a healthy diet around your children using alternative cooking methods and ingredients

When you’re single, you sometimes indulge yourself by doing things you know are not good for your health like overindulging in alcohol or even caffeine for that matter. Sometimes, you even lower the standards on the food you are eating, out of commodity or fatigue after a day of work. However, that is no longer an option once the little ones pop up. When it’s no longer just your own mouth that you have to feed, you absolutely cannot make any compromises as far as cuisine is concerned.

What should you eat

It’s not only about the things you eat, but also about the way you eat it too. Kids are much more fragile than adults and exposing them to an unhealthy eating habit can have dire repercussions in the future. The frying pan is probably the first thing that has to go. You can replace grease cooking in the frying pan with a smart convection toaster oven. This will provide the entire family with a dinner table full of healthy food that is properly cooked to reduce the risks of many disorders and affections.

It can all start very simply, by throwing out what you consider to be too much or setting a bad example. You can limit the number of alcohol bottles present in the house at any given time, as well as reduce the size of the sweets section in the cabinet or drawer. Example is the best teaching tool, and it will bring in the best results when it comes to educating children about the importance of a healthy diet.

Healthy recipes

There are also many recipes that look to emulate popular fried dishes. This helps by removing the unhealthy factors without completely renouncing one’s guilty pleasure. You can keep enjoying the crunch and tender mix of onion rings for example without having to expose your body to the fried oil and grease that come with the dish usually. And the same goes for your kids. By completely shifting from frying to baking you can reduce a tremendous amount of unhealthy ingredients. And the best thing is that most things that taste good fried will also taste good if baked.

Tricks to help you get by

The trick is to replace the “no-no” elements with healthy alternatives. Crushed cereal flakes can be used instead of regular breading when making chicken parmesan. You can even add Cajun seasoning into the mix for even more flavor. Stuff like that adds to a much healthier diet. Another great trick is taking thing sliced zucchini and making a great veggie pasta dish by using it to replace the actual pasta. Drop a nice tomato sauce on top and you got yourself a healthy and appetizing dinner.

Many parents (not through ill intention) end up causing their child to go through unnecessary struggles that can carry on into maturity and even for the rest of their lives. Just by not being careful enough, you children can unfortunately develop a range of health issues from obesity to diabetes. During childhood, their metabolisms are far from ready to handle the kind of excess or trauma we sometimes expose out bodies to. As it would be terrible for the young ones’ bodies to have to endure the kind of stress that ours go through without us noticing.

Eating habits

Parents should look at this as a compromise or a sacrifice. They don’t have to choose between the health of their children and enjoying a tasty meal or snack. It can be an opportunity for them to straighten up their eating habits as well. While the damage done by years of excess deep fried dishes can’t be mended with a snap of your fingers, every journey starts with one step. Taking this into consideration, you can take small steps each day until you find yourself shoving greasy food aside without even noticing.

Cutting down on carbohydrates is also important, because it isn’t just greasy stuff that we’re concerned about. A healthy diet is a balanced diet. Completely cutting yourself off from one food group or another can result in a completely different type of problems.


If you and your partner are expecting a child soon, you have more time than if the little one would be already on your doorstep. While you’re waiting for your child to be born, you can picture what you are eating at any given point going directly inside the little one. This can be a powerful self-control tool as one’s self-concern is most times overshadowed by the love and dedication to one’s child.

Thinking of this process as an opportunity to correct yourself will make the task ahead a lot easier. The end results will be observable in both body and spirit as both will be uplifted by the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

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