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It’s that time of year again…your mailbox is starting to overflow with holiday cards from friends and family; Christmas tree lots are popping up on nearly every street corner, and the dreaded holiday family
portraits are rapidly approaching.
Except this year doesn’t have to be quite the hair pulling and face
making ensemble that it was last year!
Here are a few creative ideas to help make your holiday portraits a fun
and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Themed portraits are always a lot of fun for both couples and larger families. It gives everyone the opportunity to dress up and be silly in pictures, (which we all
know husbands and kids all normally do anyways even when against our
wishes.) Mr. & Mrs.
Claus photos with several little elves running around making toys is always a
good staple photo theme. Dressing
up as snowmen and snowflakes can be really cool for kids! If you live in a region that is known
for its warmer weather rather than snow, have a beach day! Wear Santa hats,
flip flops and shorts and take pictures enjoying pina coladas on the beach…just
to make all the relatives that are snowed in for the holidays jealous! You could even make a snowman out of
the sand. There is also the ever so popular “Silent Night” picture where all of
the kids mouths are taped shut!

For kids that can’t seem to all hold still, let alone all look at the camera at the right moment…take individual pictures that can be pieced together! Have each child
hold a letter or word that together will send out season greetings! For three kids, each child could hold
one letter from the word “Joy.”
For fewer kids or longer sayings each person in the photo can hold an
entire word up. Individual photos can be composite together so you don’t have
to worry about sending multiple images in each card for people to understand
the message. A few more “word”
ideas: “Peace, Love, Joy”; “Seasons Greetings”; “Love”; “Joy”; “Santa’s Little

Pick your favorite holiday song and recreate some of the lyrics in a photo! Get a shot of mommy kissing Santa Claus, or the kids recreating a manger scene! Whatever you decide, just remember to
have fun because the experience will make great memories. Have a safe and happy holiday season,
and have a creative and entertaining portrait session!

Sarah With Photography is based in Pasadena, CA and provides child and family professional portraits services in Southern California.
Sarah With is a lover of photography and has been able to hone her
talents on international journeys as well as practicing as a hobby within the
US. Her extensive experience
within the baby industry enable her to understand and empathize with the
milestones and changes parents watch their children experience, thus allowing
for candid and heartfelt photography.

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