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Creative Writing for Children as an Effective Instrument for Using Their Imagination

In today’s world creativity is an incredibly important skill. That’s not just because we need more artist (though we do) it’s also because even non-artistic pursuits can benefit a huge amount from having a more creative understanding of the world. This is because creativity isn’t just art, it is also problem solving and re-evaluating situations to realize there is a problem in the first place.

For that reason, any attempt to boost our children’s creativity should be applauded. Naturally, one of the best ways to boost it is by way of writing. Why is that?

For many reasons, such as:

Writing allows for analysis

A lot of people have this idea that creativity is just something that ‘comes to you’. That’s rarely the case. Instead, it’s far more likely that you worry away at a problem for days before a shift in insight allows you to see a solution.

Writing can help with that. As you can read back what you’ve written, it is possible to judge where your thinking falls short. What’s more, this is something that not just the child but also other people can do. This makes it much easier to make suggestions and give children insights to stretch their creative muscle.

Writing allows you to go deeper

Similarly, writing can serve as a ratchet for good ideas. A child explores a concept or creative insight on paper, reads their work back and can then take steps to make this idea even more creative or original.

This is particularly easy to do with feedback from others, including teachers, parents and other students, as they might offer the student new ideas that they themselves had not considered. In this way, creativity can become a group effort – which will allow them to explore ideas that otherwise would have been inaccessible to any of them individually.

Writing allows you to stay with an idea longer

Trains of thought are fascinating for the speed with which they can jump from one idea to another. This is, however, also a disadvantage as it means that for a less disciplined mind it is easy to lose a though and not explore it fully.

That’s where writing comes in. The words on the page can serve as an anchor that allows students to return to an idea and re-explore it. In this way, an idea receives the attention it deserves and a child’s creative muscle can be stretched that bit further, by allowing them to realize that by revisiting an idea and reimagining it, they can see more and go further.

From there it’s only practice that will take you to writing for some place like on writing services companies.


It allows students to share

All of our greatest ideas are built on the shoulders of other concepts. This is true both in society as a whole and in the classroom in particular. Writing can help with that. When students have been working on an idea for a time and then share it with the other students, that suddenly opens entire new paths that they otherwise might not have considered.

Similarly, by letting students share their ideas, they can receive positive feedback and offer up new insights to the other students, so that they, in turn, can take their ideas further as well.

Last words

Creativity is something that children have to learn young. They need time to learn how to flex it, how to make it stronger and how to use it to best effect. For that reason, it’s important that you give them opportunities to be creative as early as possible. Writing is a great way to do exactly that. And though it isn’t for everybody, it’s for enough people that not giving your kids the opportunity might be significantly reducing their opportunities later on.

Don’t let that happen. Give your children the idea that they too can write about their imaginings. For who knows, they might have the next Harry Potter in them. 

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